Use Your Powers for Good

“Use Your Powers for Good!” I find myself saying this to my friends and clients in jest all the time!   If they have a trait that might not always be viewed as positive, “using your powers for good” is taking a spin on things and finding a better way to  release that energy.

We all have many extraordinary gifts… some we use, misuse, or don’t even know we possess  until someone points it out!

Come on…take stroll with me though this neighborhood of your fellow “SUPERHEROS” who finally grasped the concept of using their powers for good.

There’s Ms. Busy Body who sees, hears, and smells it all. She used to be the town gossip, because she knows when everyone is coming and going. It caused her a lot of heartache in her life because, she just couldn’t stop blabbering people’s personal affairs. However, because of the pain she’s caused others and herself, she’s finally wised up and she’s applying her “skills” in other ways.

Today, as we pass Ms. Busy Body, you’ll see she  is a volunteer for the community crime watch group and she is a writer for the town newspaper. She reports all of the good deeds, fun news, local weddings,  and new businesses being launched in town!

That’s right…she’s using her powers for good!

A few miles south on Main St. we find, Hector Micro-manager.  Behind his back he’s called the “whip-cracker!”  You know the kind…confident, smart, and  a bit of a know-it-all. To top it off, he’s  very intimidating-standing at a bulky 6’5.

He’s been a natural-born leader since he was a child. A stickler for details,  getting the job done right and managing others was his talent. Now, he’s working for a HR  company as a manger and although he has the tendency to be over-bearing and bossy,  he always means well.  Hector’s  learning to be more approachable and lay back a bit on his workers. He had to learn the hard way, because he had two employees  quit their jobs, because of his aggressive micromanagement style. The important factor to note is that he realizes he has issues and he’s willing to change!

Just recently he’s took on a volunteer gig as the coach for the local football team. He’s now able to combine his leadership skills with tough love to coach young boys. He helps them not only on the field but, also  off as their mentor.  They have a winning streak that is unstoppable and all of his boys are doing great in school!  They might not be scared of their parents but, Coach Hector’s “evil eye” and strong presence makes them hit the books!

You guessed it,  Hector’s using his powers for good!

Journal Time!

(Grab a notebook and work on these questions.)

1. Think about THREE talents/skills/personality traits that you have that you aren’t using to the best of your ability.

2. Are there any talents/skills/personality traits you know you may misuse a bit? COME ON, ADMIT IT! I can’t see what you’re writing. LOL

3. How can you apply those skills in your daily life to use your powers for good?

Stumped? Here’s some examples!:

  • Obsessed with projects and details, you might be a great time management expert.
  • Neat freak? Home and Office Organizers will love you in their club!
  • Very persuasive? You’ll knock ‘em dead in any sales department.
  • Your friends  jokingly call you the “Puppy Whisperer,” but your husband’s  allergic! Volunteer at the local shelter. A local Dr. Doolittle is always needed!
  • Are you  bossy and known as a task master?:  Why not teach, coach, or  consult? ~a-hem~ Okay I admit it, that’s one of my secret powers. LOL!


If you have a  power you’d like to share, please post it and let us know.  You might help someone else with a similar skill!

Have fun with exploring your gifts  and remember to OWN YOUR POWER!

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