Own Your Power Lifestyle Principles (part two)

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Created by Simone Kelly, Holistic Business Coach/Master Life Coach


11. Embrace Your Mistakes

There are no accidents. There are no mistakes. There are no coincidences. Look at life’s mishaps as lessons. No matter how it turns out, you can rest assured, it will make you stronger and wiser — as long as you pay attention, step back, and dig deep to uncover the message that the incident has brought to your door.


12. Remember How To Play And Have Fun

Remember the games you played as a child?  Find time for activities that spark your creativity, challenge your mind, and develop healthy competition with others; and you’ll never grow old!


13. Dare to Be Remarkable

Never, ever … dim your Light for ANYONE. Don’t apologize for who you are. Stand strong in your power. Be proud of your accomplishments. It takes strength to shine. Step into your greatness and OWN IT!


14. Laugh Yourself to Life 

The best medicine is a good hearty laugh. Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict. A comic on the television, your talented son, or your best friend can be the ‘doctor’ to bring it on. Humor lightens your burdens, inspires hopes, connects you to others, keeps you balanced, and reminds you to enjoy life again. Aside from improving our moods, laughter can reduce stress, help fight infection, and reduce pain. Turn your frown upside down today!


15. The Art of Appreciation

Tell someone thank you, especially those who wouldn’t be expecting it.


16. Move Your Body  

Dance, walk, run, do yoga, rollerblade, Kickbox, Zumba … Just MOVE! Moving your body improves your circulation, vitality, health, and your life overall.


17. Take Action

Always be creating something new and incredible that will help you explore your full potential and will touch others lives.


18. Release Your Inhibitions  

Try something different, something you’ve never done before. Shock your taste buds with a tantalizing dish. Go on a blind date. Get on a rollercoaster. Change your hair color.  Role-play with your mate.  Life is too short to be stuck in the same old routine ways. It’s fun to live on the wild side every now and then.


19. Be Yourself, Since Everyone Else is Taken

Revel in your uniqueness and authenticity. Don’t be afraid to be YOU in all of your greatness, and even your flaws. Take off the masks of protection and what you think other people want to see, and be yourself. Don’t worry about keeping up with the Joneses, since they are probably just as tired of trying to keep up with you!


20. Master Your Mind, Master Your Universe

Masters vibrate on an entirely different realm than everyone else. Masters are not bill -paying robots, just floating through life. They know who they are and they are CRYSTAL CLEAR on what they want. Become a master of self and rule your world.

Certified Law of Attraction Master Life Coach & Holistic Business Coach, Simone Kelly is the passionate visionary behind Own Your Power Communications. She encourages you to own your business and pursue a holistic lifestyle. Check out the Own Your Power community out and connect with like-minds here: ownyourpowerlifestyle.com

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