Trust your Gut, Not Maury!


Okay, okay…so I admit it. I have a guilty pleasure from time to time during my lunch break in the day, it’s The Maury Povich Show. It’s one of those things that you know is absolutely ridiculous, but it can be so entertaining that you just can’t turn away!


Now granted, many of the stories Maury covers are pretty much the same. There’s the shows with the lie detector tests asking questions like,  ‘did he sleep with my Grandma, did she cheat with my daughter, or is he having sex with my Aunt?  Then of course you have Maury’s claim to fame… the Paternity tests. Oh man…the Paternity tests. SMH.

We gotta do better raising our kids people! For the scope of this article, I’ll just focus on the lie detector tests, since if you have to test over 10 men to find out who your baby’s Daddy is, you’ve got a much bigger problem that I can’t cover here! LOL


~a-hem~ Now…what intrigues me the most about this show are the results of the lie detector tests. Not the results that Maury reads after his dramatic pause to build up suspense, but the reactions of the person on the receiving end. Wow! These people really get into it when they get their 99.9% proof that the one they loved lied. Jumping, screaming, catching the Holy Ghost, dramatic dropping and rolling are some of the hysterical reactions that are displayed on stage. But my favorite is when they run off the stage in a mad dash (as if they think the cameras won’t follow them).  I just have one question. REALLY?


Is this the same woman that just told us a few minutes ago that she found a dirty bra under the bed that WASN’T HERS. Or better yet, the same woman that watched along with us as her husband was caught ON CAMERA kissing a  cute Blonde backstage in the green room the day of the show!  Now, call me crazy, but I don’t think we need a team of CSI detectives, Columbo or Monk to come a work on this puzzling case.


I just find it amazing of what people will put up with and also what ‘interesting’ rationalizations they’ll create to protect themselves from the truth that is waving a big bright NEON FLAG right before their eyes. Oh and let me be clear…I’m not just talking about the women either. There are plenty of men out there with a big G stamped on their foreheads for  GULLIBLE. Men, who settle for less in a relationship and become doormats just as well.


So, why bring this up, you ask? We’ll although many of us will never go on Maury to make fools of ourselves, there are many who are in relationships  RIGHT NOW that treat us like doormats and we still want to hang on or find out is he/she cheating, lying, etc…when the signs are in your face.


It comes down to SELF-LOVE AND SELF-RESPECT.  When you deeply love yourself for all of your gifts and your flaws, you know better. You know what Prince or Princess deserves your company, your time, and your love.


You will NOT accept being:

  • Lied to constantly
  • Cheated on
  • Abused verbally, mentally, emotionally, or phsyichally
  • You won’t make EXCUSES for someone who is using you in anyway.
  • MOST OF ALL…You’ll be AWARE that it is even happening! (Some people think they are in love and not even clear on what love looks and feels life because of their upbringing or past experiences.)




Yup, we all have one. It’s free and you don’t have to put all your business on National T.V. to get it. It’s your INTUITION!  When people SHOW you themselves…pay attention and don’t wait until it too late to make your exit as you moonwalk off the stage or RUN in some cases. Actions always speak louder than words. What actions are being shown to you right now in your relationship?


If you feel you need to play detective…it’s not even worth it. You will find something you probably don’t want to find and you already knew, didn’t you?  Learn how to trust your gut and get clear on what you TRULY deserve. Most of all start to cherish and love yourself again so, that your self-esteem is high and you’ll be a MAGNET for the right person to come along and sweep  you off  your feet. 🙂



1. Spend time getting to know YOU. Know Thyself is my number one rule of life! Get clear on what you truly want and deserve.   Pray/meditate, and journal daily to remember who you are again!  Make appointments with yourself at least once a day to nurture your spirit.

2. Check out these articles I wrote that can help you (Don’t skip the exercises in them. Do them in your journal):


3. Now here are some great books to help you in your relationships:

  • Are You The One For Me by Dr. Barbara DeAngelis
  • Tune Into Love (Attract Romance Through the Power of Vibrational Matching) by Dr. Margaret McCraw (one of my teachers!)

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