If It’s Broke…Fix It!

Many times in life, we continue along the wrong path longer than expected. It’s not always because we enjoy it, not because we love torture, and not because we’re just plain lost. Many times, we know in our gut that what we are doing needs to change, however, we are stuck in the cycle. We are stuck because, even though we aren’t happy, we KNOW where we are, we’re used to it. It’s…well, as dysfunctional as it sounds, its…FAMILIAR. It’s uncomfortable as hell….but at least we know what we’re dealing with, is what some of us might think. RIGHT?

How many times have you seen someone stuck, because of their fear of the unknown? They don’t even want to explore options due to this OVERWHELMING fear of leaving their  ~not so comfort zone~.

Let’s meet a few folks that you might know or even relate to:


Nate hates his boring job, he’s been there for 10 years, but as much as he complains… he won’t leave, because it’s got a great perks like his VIP parking space, 3 week vacation and yeah…even some of his co-workers are actually cool….or so he thinks!

It’s easy…because it’s familiar. But did I say he was bored…He’s a creative person, yet, his routine job makes him feel like a robot.  Nate dreads coming in every day to site in his cubicle under the bright florescent lights.  He’s rather be working in the community with kids.  The crazy part is he’s become so use to a “corporate slave mentality’ that  he doesn’t even think about his options. He has many…from his experience, to connections…but his fear holds him back.


Janelle has been with her verbally abusive husband for over 6 years now and he is the father of three of her children. He doesn’t work, he doesn’t even pretend to look for work and what’s worst…he doesn’t help with kids or help around the house. Janelle puts up with it because she thinks, “Who is gonna want me with three kids. Yeah, he’s mean sometimes,  but at least he’s here with the kids. My dad didn’t stay, so I guess I will deal with it. Maybe he’ll change soon. He has a good heart. ”

Do you think Janelle has options? Hmmmm, I’d say so. Self-esteem is at play here. When you settle for less, how can you expect more?


Roberta has tried every diet known to man and every time she drops about 7-10lbs, she gives up. She doesn’t try any more. She tells herself, “So what, I’m a big girl…I’ve always been. That is just the way it is.” Then she heads to the fridge to lull the pain of failure once again.

Don’t let excuses and weak rationalizations hold you back in life. Start to make steps towards improving areas that need a shift and especially learn how to CHECK YOURSELF. You might have to look in the mirror and say, “Knock it off…you know that’s just an excuse!” lol

Grab your journals and write out an action plan for these areas of your life. ALWAYS KNOW THERE ARE OPTIONS. ALL YOU NEED IS TO PLAN IT OUT AND ASK FOR HELP!

Make 3 columns

(across the top) What’s Working/What’s Not Working/Action Steps to Improve

(Down the side of the page) List out these areas to focus on: In each column write what’s happening….

Health (eating, exercise, overall wellness)

Career (goals, prosperity, your business, etc)

Relationships (friends, family, lovers, coworkers)

Me Time (sacred time with yourself)


Health          What’s Working /     What’s Not Working/    What Can I do to improve

I started cooking more and eating less junk./ I am not exercising very much only 1x a week./  I will get up earlier and go to gym with my sister Emily, so that she can hold me accountable. We’ll go 3 times a week. Mon, Wed, and Fri at 7am.

Try it out with a friend to help you brainstorm. If you need a coach to hold you accountable, I’d be more than happy to help you get started, just contact me when you are ready! You have the power to shift things. Manifest changes. Your soul is waiting on you…

Own Your Power,

Coach Simone


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