Power Player in the Spotlight – Michelle Hollinger of Sisterhood Magazine

We are so happy to introduce you to one of South Florida’s  leaders who loves to share the message of sisterhood!  We can not do it alone and her mission shows us that we need each other.

Learn more about Michelle Hollinger and her vision that has come to life, SISTERHOOD MAGAZINE! 

Describe your business and what made you launch it? The Sisterhood is a monthly magazine for women. We currently offer a monthly online magazine and a print edition quarterly and for special events. I launched it to provide a space for the celebration and elevation of sisterhood by spotlighting women whose embrace of the most important sisterhood relationship of all – the one with SELF – manifests into them living authentically successful lives.



What was your  biggest fear behind launching your business and how you overcame it and OWNED YOUR POWER? The biggest fear was that it might not resonate with enough women for it to be profitable. I just kept my focus on the divine and kept moving forward.

What are some of your favorite success stories from the past or current clients? I love each and every issue. Interviewing women who are “feeling the fear and doing it anyway,” women who are bursting through so called “comfort zones,” and women who are tapping into their inner power to create amazing lives is such a blessing for me. I love hearing their unique stories and discovering how they conquer common obstacles like fear, doubt, etc.

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Women who subscribe to The Sisterhood will receive The Butterfly Excursion – a six week course to make the shift from caterpillar to butterfly by embracing important qualities like forgiveness.

Website: http://thesisterhood.life


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Twitter: @sisterhoodpub

Instagram: @sisterhoodpublisher

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