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Own Your Power is happy to introduce you to Shaunte Benton of House of Merci. Their philosophy is “self-awareness is the best self-love” and their goal is to make sure the client knows that House of Merci is thankful to have the opportunity to help create and highlight their self-love through fashion. Hence MERCI; which means “thankful” in French.

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Describe your business and what made you launch it?

As a teenager, I was engulfed in trends and fashion. I began working in retail at the age of fifteen so that I could offer ideas and new styles to women and their children.  The joy in seeing women light up because of the way they feel in what they are wearing is inspiring. When working with House of MERCI it’s all about you and your needs.

After college I began styling women, men, children and their closets.  I have styled for photo-shoots, and fashion shows throughout the years. With closet styling, I help to rid you of clutter that you may not need any more while adding organization and some decor. My vow is to give people a way to express their individuality through style!

What was your biggest fear behind launching your business and how you overcame it and OWNED YOUR POWER?

My biggest fear was getting lost in the sauce and not standing out. Everyone is a “stylist” nowadays and everyone has an online boutique so how would I be different? After the stressing and procrastinating, I decided to contact a marketing pro for help. During the process, I learned how to use time management, I learned about who is and isn’t my client (not everyone is for you), and I learned how to market myself as a brand. Going through this process you will learn if this is what you truly want and for me it was.

What are some of your favorite success stories from the past or current clients?

Awe man, this is why I love what I do. I have a client that was taking her first girls trip to the Mexico and she didn’t know what to pick or how to style her current wardrobe. My client knew of me from social media and she followed my work. When she reached her first words were, “I don’t like to shop and I’m not sure what I would look good in”. After learning about her likes and dislikes I was able to change her perspective about herself when it came to her wardrobe. When she came back from her trip, she sent me an email thanking me for styling her but also for giving her confidence in wear or try different pieces. My business is all about seeing the beauty in yourself while being yourself.


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