Power Player in the Spotlight: Charlene Brown of Bklyn Custom Designs

This month we’d love to feature Charlene Brown! She is the founder of Bklyn Custom Designs and once I learned about what she does, I wish I knew earlier. So many of my clients and friends are need her services! Check out our interview with her and find out how she can help you, because I sure am going to use her. 

What does Bklyn Custom Designs do?

We are  a company launched to help Solopreneurs stop stressing tech so they could focus on what they loved most about their businesses because they already have so much on their plates. We handle branding strategies through consultations and help create the necessary brand assets Solopreneurs need to be unique and make their statement. We also do website development and design, graphic design, and video promo creation to develop full-rounded identities for online & offline use.



What inspired you to start it?

I started when I saw that many Solopreneurs, especially Black women who wanted to grow and build lasting and successful businesses, but were struggling with their technology implementation. Their websites were lacking necessary functionality, they were unsure of what to use or what technology to ignore, and they needed help but were unsure who to trust after feeling like they already wasted money or they were unsure where to look for help. I wanted to remove as many technology roadblocks as possible so they could focus on thriving at doing what they loved.



What have been some of the challenges as a business owner?

Some of my challenges included rejecting price haggling and removing price from the forefront of the website and graphic design conversation. I came across many who were just not ready to take their sites to the next level from hobby to business, and I found myself questioning if I was “too pricey.”

After speaking to my business mentor and marketing mentor, I realized that I was doing a disservice to myself and my serious clients. I was spending time with those who only wanted cheap labor at any cost rather than quality work and experienced support for their online businesses and brands.


What skills and talents do you use to pull it all together?

For almost two decades I became skilled as a website developer, graphic designer, and video creator through mostly self-taught efforts. Through self-determination and my eagerness to learn new skills on a continuous basis, I use my skills to develop my processes and quickly learn tools that help me become efficient and skillful at all that I do for my clients.

I also listen to my clients and holistically assess projects based on their needs and desires to better understand how I can best serve them in creating a website or brand identity that allows them to communicate their vision to their audience. I had to quickly learn how to run a business as a Creative and avoid many of the “Do-It-Yourself” pitfalls Solopreneurs often face because we tend to think “no one else can do it right (or as good as we can).” I share these and many more lessons with my clients so that they too can thrive rather than needlessly struggle in their business.

What’s the biggest problem you help solve? 

One of the common issues my clients face is how quickly technology is evolving the way business is done and the constant requirement to learn new technology and updates. They do not have the time to do it all – especially when they feel like they have to do it all at once. That’s where I help; by removing the immediate need to learn the technology that allows them to operate efficiently. I take on the technology burden so they can focus on what they love to do most in their business.


Share a success story from a client:

One of my long-term clients had issues with potential customers being unable to view his past projects or reviews without having to signup to a dedicated, paid website, that he didn’t own. That caused him to lose around 60% of business annually. Customers who seemed very interested suddenly stopped communicating after asking to see his website and wanting access to reviews. After looking at his site I could immediately tell why. His website was non-responsive, outdated, and had the feel of 1980 all over it. The added fact that he didn’t have much control over how his reviews were made available to the public was also troubling.

I revamped his entire website into a highly responsive site that people could access on their mobile devices, brought his previous 5-star reviews onto his website (over 200), and incorporated videos into his branding strategy. I provided his clients with an easy way to leave reviews and give him and his home renovation team important feedback that allows them to continuously innovate their services, share their reviews with prospective clients, and respond to client feedback. These updates resulted in about a 43% increase in closing more deals and returning customers who became satisfied clients. Knowing that my client is more confident about sharing their website and are happy that they don’t have to pay an outside company to house their customer reviews is exceptionally gratifying.


What would you like your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered?

I want my legacy to be one of giving and dedication. I want to dedicate my skills and knowledge to provide Solopreneurs the peace of mind that they no longer have to feel trapped or locked out of a thriving online community of successful businesses because they think that they are not “technology savvy.” Technology should never be a roadblock to financial stability that allows Solopreneurs to build stable, steady wealth and not only be temporarily “ok” financially.

Connect with this amazing POWER PLAYER HERE:

Website: https://bklyncustomdesigns.com/ and https://videopromosconcierge.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/charlenevbrown

Twitter: twitter.com/bkcustomdesigns.com

FB Fan Page: facebook.com/bklyncustomdesigns

Instagram: instagram.com/bkcustomdesigns

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