Digital Detox by Sascha Torres

Memes. Emojis. Snaps. DMs. Stories. The ways to connect with our network in an instant seem to be endless these days, but I feel as though we’re more disconnected than ever before. We’ve become conditioned to document everything we do, immediately respond to every notification, and to post every thought, meal, or location to our social network for God only knows what reason.


The very devices and social platforms intended to connect us, seem to be disconnecting us from the possibility of TRUE AUTHENTIC CONNECTIONS. “Email me”, “text me”, “dm me” seem to be our preferred call to actions’, but what happens when technology fails us? We’re left wondering what’s going on and disconnected from the people we care about because we’re so unaccustomed to authentic connections outside of our technology.


Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to see what my friends and family are up to online and to send them cute messages when I’m thinking of them 🙂 . There’s also a convenience and sense of relief around immediately knowing loved ones are “marked safe” during a time of tragedy, which is something one can appreciate when you have family all over the world. However, the dark side of social media and the addiction to being connected is something that warrants a discussion. 


I’m hearing more and more of couples who are constantly at war with each other and themselves as a result of the insecurities prompted around the commenting, likes and social connections to the opposite sex. We make assumptions on how our partner is feeling based on the posts they publish and the tone we interpret via text, rather than actually having in person conversations to discuss our fears, insecurities & life goals. WE ARE DISCONNECTED! 


So all that said, what do we do to reconnect while also maintaining a healthy balance with the technological evolutions we’ve been able to enjoy? Here are a few practices I’ve found helpful: 

  • Recognize how much time you’re spending distracted by your digital devices: It sounds simple, but take a step back to look at the patterns. Do you find yourself always picking up your phone out of boredom and going straight for the social media or dating apps? This is a sign you’ve essentially become trained to turn to a mobile device distraction whenever you have some down time. Use that time to go outside, take a walk, get some fresh air, read a book, or even call someone to have a real conversation. 


  • Commit to remove mobile devices from the table: We’re all so busy with work and activities, it’s no surprise our relationships are suffering. Give your loved ones or even yourself  the gift of an enjoyable meal. Commit to leaving your phone off the table and on silent during most meals. This shows the person you’re with that they’re a priority and it allows you the ability to truly connect through organic in person interaction. It’s even a good idea to do when you’re dining alone. You deserve some quality time too! 


  • Make plans with loved ones to reconnect: Whether a phone date or in person meeting, take the time to reconnect and have true meaningful connections. 


  • Allocate cell phone free days and hours: A quote that has always stood out to me is one by Anne Lamott’s in which she says, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you”. This makes complete sense, don’t you think? Take time to shut down, disconnect with the world, and reconnect with yourself.  I promise, everything will be just where you left it when you come back. 


  • Reconnect with yourself by identifying activities that you enjoy not involving mobile devices: Take time to go back to basics and identify what fuels your fire. The need for a digital detox isn’t all about connecting with other people, it’s very much about reconnecting with yourself. GO BACK TO BASICS! Incorporate baths, read a book, take up a hobby or attend a show. Find something that allows you to tap into your senses and reconnect with yourself. 




Sascha Torres is an Integrative Health Coach and graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Specializing in the journey towards authenticity, Sascha helps individuals improve their overall health & wellness by addressing imbalances in various areas of their life such as work life balance, personal relationships, mindfulness/spirituality and self care. FOLLOW HER HERE…







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