Ready to Test Your Intuition? (FREE LIVE ONLINE TRAINING) 7/22

Are your ready to Discover YOUR Intuition? It’s back by popular demand, I’ll be teaching this amazing workshop online Aug 5 and 6, but DRUMROLL PLEASE…..
I’m giving you a FREE TEASER CLASS ON July 22, 7:30pm. You’ll get a taste of what the workshop is all about and test your own skills. New York, New Jersey, South Florida, ATL and Dallas have been learning how to tap into their psychic abilities that we ALL HAVE, now it’s your turn!
Learn how to make your life easier! If you’d like to get clear of the messages you receive…TAKE MY DISCOVER YOUR INTUITION WORKSHOP! It’s a lot of fun and you’ll be more confident than ever before. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW IT’S DONE!
What if your higher awareness was running your life?
This workshop will help you get more in tuned with who you are…pay attention to your patterns and live life with EYES WIDE OPEN..meaning your third eye as well.
July 22: IN THE FREE CLASS at OYP UNIVERSITY: We’ll do a few intuitive exercises so you can see how good you are. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll be surprised just how talented you are. IT’S ALL ONLINE AND ON VIDEO.

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Within 4 hours you’ll learn: (2 HOURS EACH DAY)
-How to protect your energy daily
-The power of meditation and breathwork
– Understand the power of your dreams
– Learn your intuitive triggers
– Understand Chakras
– Experience several MIND-BLOWING intuitive techniques to let you see that you too are truly POWERFUL.
– Find out about abilities you probably never knew you had and begin to hone in on them for your daily use!
$159.00 ($125 Until July 25)
$ownyourpower -Cash App

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