Featured Power Player: Dr. Angela Brinson

Today I have the honor of introducing Dr. Angela Brinson! She’s the founder of PsychEd Solutions, P.A. based in Miami Gardens, but she is also a long time family member of Own Your Power. She’s been on our radio shows as a guest and also spoke at our Own Your Power Retreats in the past.  We highly recommend her. Let’s get to know more about Dr. Brinson. 


Tell us about your business. What do you specialize in?

I am a Licensed School Psychologist and Pediatric Cannabis Consultant. I also have the following services:  Psychological and Psycho-educational Evaluations, Traditional Counseling, Mindfulness Techniques, School-Based Mental Health Solutions, DUI Counseling, Pediatric Cannabis Consultations, Bariatric / Surgical Evaluations, Personality Evaluations

 What inspired you to start it?

I’ve always considered myself to be a mental health resource for our community. A desire to be a resource for parents who might not otherwise seek services for themselves and their children.

What have been some of the challenges?

  • Working a full time job and managing my practice for the past 10 years
  • Finding “grass roots,” psychologists and mental health professionals who believe in the vision of mental wealth for our communities more than the desire for a side hustle
  • Finding dedicated interns to assist with marketing
  • A contractual office manager that is able to process medical billing and help me get on additional insurance panels.
  • Linking with Charter school principals that see the value in our FREE mental health programming


What skills have you used to pull it all together? My personality and passion makes it easy for me to connect with parents and the community. I was once told by a supervisor that I have an “unusual passion,” for youth and mental health. LOL.

What problems do you find your clients have the most of? 

  • School-aged children with undiagnosed learning and behavioral problems and little to no support from the schools.
  • Schools taking too long to evaluate students for much needed Special Education services
  • Parents with 2nd generation untreated mental health issues e.g. anxiety/depression. unemployment, underemployment.
  • Women who are just tired and broken.


Share some success stories from your clients: 

  • I have diagnosed kids with autism and learning disabilities that schools had written off as “behavioral problems”.
  • Children who were failing in school, but following an evaluation by me, were able to get much needed special education services.
  • Female college students who were failing, engaged in substance abuse, stripping and human trafficking,  but have since graduated, obtained advanced degrees and two have even become doctors!
  • Women who have grown through relationship crises by dealing with their mental health issues.
  • DUI clients who have dealt with their issues relative to drug and alcohol abuse and are now clean and sober.
  • Very troubled juveniles who are now high school and college graduates and/or gainfully employed.

Upcoming projects? 

I’m working on the following:

A book called 10 Minutes to Mindfulness: A Guide for Parents & Teachers.

School-Based Mental Health Solutions for Charter Schools

Pediatric Cannabis Consultation


What would you like your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered? As a quirky psychologist who helped parents understand their child’s learning and behavioral issues. A women of color who was an inspiration to other women; A person who learned something from and contributed something to people from all walks of life; A mommy that raised a happy kid and positively impacted any child that she came in contact with; A women of Faith; She was the ‘Iyanlya Vanzant’ for children and  teens.



Website: psychedsolutions.com

Follow her on FB: https://www.facebook.com/psychedsolutions/

Instagram: Psychedsolutions.com









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