Power Player Features: Realtor Cynthia Barrett-Bismuth


We are pleased to introduce you to this Power Player, Cynthia Barret-Bismuth. She’s been in the Own Your Power Family since 2011 and has so much to offer. She serves the community with the following services:

  • Life Stylist
  • Realtor
  • Real Estate Investor
  • Re-Imagine your home Consultant (Home Styling)

What are some of your services and how do you help people?

I recommend and suggest concepts for a better more simplified lifestyle: free of clutter. time freedom and happiness.

  • Healing the body, mind and soul through healthy living, thinking, eating and surrounding oneself in a beautiful clutter free living space.
  • White glove service: Working from start to finish with sellers who want to sell and buyers who want to buy. Fitting the buyer with the right property that is for them and within their budget- utilizing the white glove service.
  • Catering to clients every need through my extensive network – that includes Referring lenders, real estate attorneys, contractors, handymen, home inspectors.
  • Working with clients to put their design thoughts into action.  Including decluttering the home, selection of wall color, window treatments, furniture placement, and potential construction- to create an environment that you enjoy coming home to.

 What inspired you to start it?

I always loved working with people- making people happy has always brought me joy! I also have a passion with reimagining homes- combining something old, something modern; creating a perfect harmony. One of my talents is taking from the environment and incorporating it within the home. At the end of the day we are all connected; we are all an energy unit in an energy field.

What have been some of the challenges in growing your business?

How to survive financially while building your brand and your business in real estate. Industry fee and dues requirements out of site. Taking care of your personal life while following and pursuing your passion in real estate. Finding a strong mentor to support you in your growth.  You need someone that genuinely care about planting a seed and watching it grow.  Your success is their success! You must be willing to sacrifice in order to do what you love.

What skills have you used to pull it all together? 

  • Devoted family and friends to listen and keep you on track to your dream.
  • Meditation
  • Get lots of rest and take care of yourself.
  • Keep reorganizing and brainstorming to find different ways to get to your goal.
  • You have to be patient with yourself and the process!


What problem do you find your clients have the most of? 

I help them with facing their fears of moving forward.  This includes fear of failure and trusting the realtor. When they find a realtor that only care about what they want, that realtor has the team (lender, attorney, inspectors) that will support them the endgame which is the closing. Most important is the lender.  A lender that will explain the fine print, monthly payment, any risk that is involved.


Bert Roberts

Bought a Multi Family home in 2018 in Dayton-Weequahic Park, Newark, NJ.

My wife and I just bought our first property and while acquiring the house was a lengthy process because it was a foreclosure Cynthia and her team were nothing short of phenomenal. She answered questions and got back to us promptly and had an exceptionally knowledgeable team who were able to make the homebuyer process seem very simple. Cynthia has such a positive attitude and is an expert multitasker. She doesn’t get discouraged during the process and always pushes her buyers to overcome any circumstances that arise during the process. Cynthia is officially my realtor for life and I highly recommend her expertise for buying any home.



Upcoming projects?  

  • GKV- Georgia King Project- Newark.  Affordable housing; placing families in this newly renovated community.
  • YouTube channel on How to’s- buying, selling and living the life you want.
  • Podcasts- with different vendors within my network to troubleshoot typical setbacks when buying, selling or investing in a property.


What would you like your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered? 

My hope is that everything that I have instilled in my son and grandchildren about how to be good to people. That everyone matters. That we are all connected in the universe. We are all an energy unit in a energy field.


Website:  http://cynthiabarrett.exprealty.careers

FB:  https://www.facebook.com/cynthiabarrettbismuth

Instagram: cbb_style


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