4 Ways to Build Your Yoga Practice on a Limited Budget by Sheila Johnson




Are you interested in taking your yoga practice to a deeper level? Also interested in doing so without deepening your debt? Yoga workshops and classes can feel out of reach when you’re watching your pennies, but thankfully there are some smart alternatives for challenging yourself and getting more out of your practice. So if you’re looking to learn more about yoga while stretching your dollars further, here are some budget-savvy tips that can help:


Budget-Friendly, Anywhere, Anytime


Yoga can be a powerful health and wellness tool, but sometimes classes can be outside your budget. If you’re trying to save money but stick to a regimen, consider streaming tutorials from home so that you can follow along with free and low-cost classes at your own pace. Streaming players provide an array of features and cost far less than a membership at a local yoga studio. Plus, portable models can be easily packed if you’re on the go. Making it easier to take your practice wherever you want, and work on your asanas whenever you want.


On top of all that, you have more options for picking the class styles that will provide the right balance of comfort and challenge. Some models even come with a voice-operated remote, so you can control the volume or even playback of your online yoga classes without stepping a single toe off of your mat. So be sure to compare models and services, to find one that fits your budget. If you have a smartphone, you can also use mobile apps to meet your personal yoga goals.


Apps to Add More Intention


If you’re not setting intentions or meditating during practice, you are missing out on some of the most significant health and wellness benefits yoga has to offer. Yoga Basics explains both of these steps are crucial for bringing more gratitude into your yoga practice, which will ultimately bring more peace and mindfulness into your life.


Setting an intention can be as simple as silently repeating a personal mantra before you dive into the physical poses, but learning to meditate can take some additional practice. To help with your focus, consider downloading an app, such as Headspace or Calm, instead of simply zoning out, and to set daily reminders to practice mindfulness along with yoga.


Cost-Effective Input


When you need to pinch your pennies and still fine-tune your poses, the internet can help with that, too. Consider seeking online tips to take things up a notch. These tips should go beyond the physical postures or asanas of yoga and provide some priceless insight into the more mindful aspects of practice. For example, acceptance is a powerful way to let go of frustrations and stop the harmful habit of comparing yourself to others. Because everyone’s practice is bound to be different, you shouldn’t worry if your postures don’t look identical to others’. In fact, letting go of these comparisons and focusing your energy inward is another perk of building your home practice with online classes.


Essentials and Props


Establishing a home practice can help you make yoga a daily habit, and you can honestly practice in as little as seven minutes a day. You just need to focus during those minutes, so think about setting up a dedicated yoga corner within your home.


Pick up some unscented candles for inexpensive ambiance, and shop for budget-friendly yoga basics to complete your zen space. For instance, Business Insider points out you can snag some inexpensive tools that will support your practice and boost your practice. Adding some aromatherapy and adjusting your lighting can help you stay calm and focused, and give your space a more desirable atmosphere.


Honestly, you don’t need a big budget to enjoy all of the benefits of a dedicated yoga practice. So long as you have a mat, a space to practice, and some helpful online classes or tutorials, you have all of the basics needed to deepen your understanding and improve your poses. Plus, you always have the budget-friendly tips above to guide you along the way!


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