How to Appreciate the Job You Hate! By Coach Simone Kelly

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer


WELCOME TO CEO TRAINING CAMP! It’s my fun way of  looking at your 9-5 so that you realize you are there for a reason…even if it’s temporary! 

Ever had a job that you despised? I mean a job that was pure torture to get up and get dressed for every day? I did! I dreaded the commute, the gossipy energy, the unappreciative management and the pay. The second I walked in that building I felt like I had a 1000lbs of bricks on my back trying to hold me back from going in.


I had to survive as much as I wanted to quit everyday, I had to suck it up and be grateful that I even had a job. At that time, I was not really focused on being a full-time entrepreneur. I mean, it could have been worse…I could have been pennyless, homeless, and starving. (So I told myself to rationalize putting up with hell! LOL)

What I set out to do was stop joining the pity parties with others at work that felt the same. Group consciousness is a powerful thing and it creates an avalanche of negative energy. Yes, sure it feels sooooo good to rant and have a good bitching session with your work buds, but then what? You end up getting more of the same.

Soooooo, what did I do to shift that dark cloud over my head, you ask? Here are some tips of things that helped me get out of my work place funk and got me closer to typing up my letter of resignation with glee!


  1. Change your attitude from disgust to gratitude.

Each morning before you leave for work, set your intentions of how you want the day to go. An Abraham Hicks trick is to journal the positive aspects.

Make a short list every day about of what you like about work, what you love about your job, what you love about life! You’ll feel a shift just from doing the exercise. Try it out!

  1. Honor Your Friendships: Look at the genuine and authentic friendships you made at work and appreciate them.
  2. Examine the leaders (Yes your annoying bosses) in a new light. I know this is a tough one, so I’ll share an example. One of my senior managers was quite frankly not a very nice man…but he was definitely a marketing and strategic genius. I started to take more notes in meetings and I appreciate his mind. Even though I never wanted to spend more than two minutes alone with him I still got something from just observing his thought process.

4. Improve Your Time Management: Look at ways you can make time for things you love to lift your spirits. Listen to our favorite expert on productivity, Shelia Hawkins podcast for tips.  

5. Always Be Learning: During my time at work,  EVERY DAY I listened to personal growth and entrepreneurial podcasts to keep me motivated and positive. If you don’t have the option of plugging in headphones or closing your office door, you have no excuse. You can use your commute to work or your lunch break to absorb positive information. Check out uplifting you tubes and podcasts  (plug plug) 🙂, listen audio books instead of just music. Read inspirational articles on sites like, learn about The Emyth on youtube and  much more.

You will see your energy shift and feel inspired more than ever before.

6. Research! Do informational interviews exploring the next step in your career. Meet with people for lunch or coffee who are in the job that you want to be in.

7. Self Assessment: Focus on where you need to improve at work. Ask for feedback and take an honest look in the mirror on your performance. If you were your own boss would hire or fire YOU?

8. Know Your Passion: Use our time off to focus on creative endeavors. You know? The things that make you happy. Discover your passions again, don’t just focus on work only and forget who you are.

9. Leave!: Tired of complaining? No one is forcing you to stay there. Start working on a side business or looking for a new job that ties into your passions and not just paying bills. This way, you won’t know if you’re working or playing and that is the true secret to success…Get paid to PLAY.

The more you make this shift on your energy, you’ll start to see miracles unfold before your eyes! I’ve seen things like the following happen my clients and friends when they followed these steps that I took in the past.

  1. They got promoted to a new department with a better manager and team
  2. They launched a side business and were able to leave their job within 6 months to a year.
  3. Their miserable co-workers quit or got fired and the energy in their office improved.
  4. They got another job offer by a connection they met networking.



If you don’t make the shift, you will leave this job and attract more of the same. Hang in there and try some of these steps and see how your workday goes. Manifestations will unfold and you’ll become a believer in the power of positive thinking, the law of attraction,  and transform your relationships!


Coach Simone Kelly is the CEO Behind Own Your Power Communications. She will help you heal, transform, and evolve. Learn more about her coaching services here:

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