The Reason For Your Procrastination Is Hidden Beneath the Surface by Sheila Hawkins


Everyone procrastinates at one point or another. It’s the chronic procrastination that will bring your productivity to a screeching halt and have you in a constant struggle. I’ve been there before. I’ve had procrastination plague me, and I tried all kinds of solutions. Everything that was said would work, but didn’t. I always ended up back at square one. Right where I started, steadily putting things off. It occurred to me that I was the common denominator so, that being the case, I started to look within to see what was going on. I had things going on inside and ways of being that allowed for procrastination to be part of my world, zap my productivity and impede my progress and growth.

What I had to do was continue to dig through the layers of myself. Through my story, what I was doing and who I was being on a daily basis and through what I thought were my reasons for procrastinating. Every time I tried to go deeper, past the reasons I gave myself I was stumped. Then I let go of the reasons and continued to move through the process and what I discovered blew me away, and made perfectly good sense at the same time. There was something going on within that had me create the stories and as a result put things off time and time again.

As I continued to look I saw that the things I kept delaying were the things that would bring me to realizing some of my bigger goals. Those particular goals scared me, which is what any goal worth pursuing should do but I wasn’t aware that the fear was making me avoid doing what it would take to get me there. So at the core of my procrastination was fear. Which, with some people is what’s at the core of their procrastination. My fear was of success. Once I got in touch with that fear, faced and dealt with it on a regular basis I was able to find a way to move through it and take on the tasks I had to complete to reach the summit.

My fear was hidden beneath the stories I had created, what I was doing and who I was being. Once those layers were peeled back I could see what was there and remedy it, which in turn helped me eliminate my procrastination. Finding and then dealing with your procrastination is about delving within to see what’s beneath what you can see. When it’s not chronic, it’s easy to apply what I call a surface solution to help stop the habit, but when it’s engrained there’s more to it that meets the eye. That’s what calls for the self-discovery to see what’s at the core. What lies within tells the truth and holds the key to eliminating your procrastination. When you look for what’s hidden you get past the blocks and get things done.


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