Breathe by Sascha Torres

BREATHE. That’s the word that has consistently remained present in my mind the last few days. We’re all feeling the feels right now; and I’m sure like me, you’ve found yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed at times by the overload of thoughts and opinions being circulated both by news media and our social media circles. I remind you to pause, breathe, and take a moment to do an inventory of your thoughts. 

I have to admit, leading up to all this, I was starting to feel like the new year was taking me on a rollercoaster. We’re always so optimistic for a new year, but this first quarter was a rough one. I kept telling myself that I needed to recalibrate and get back to my routines, but I realized even as a Wellness Coach it was hard for me to regain my footing. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one. With every day that passes, I’m finding myself sinking more and more into the routine I’ve been craving and I share with you some thoughts on how to do the same. 


  • We underestimate the need for ROUTINE, but children have shown to thrive under consistency and as adults we need it more than ever with the added stress we’re faced daily. Even though many of you may be working from home, try your best to maintain or create a routine that suits you and that can also be maintained daily. Simple things like making your bed, showering and getting dressed can make such a difference on your day. Even scheduling proper meals as opposed to snacking all day will benefit you greatly.
  • That takes me to my next point…GRATITUDE…start your day with recognizing at least one (if not three) components of your life and this situation you are grateful for. It can be something as simple as having those extra minutes in the morning to enjoy your coffee/tea in bed. Just start the day on a positive. 
  • Take breaks and MOVE. Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to be locked indoors all day.  Take some time to stretch, move, and walk outdoors. Breathe the fresh air and take in the beauty of nature. So many of us are stuck in our offices all day, embrace this opportunity to breathe fresh air in between your conference calls/work emails. 
  • FEEL. If you’re anxious, sad, lonely, frustrated, OWN IT!  Whatever you’re feeling (good or bad), embrace the feelings, recognize that they’re natural and work towards going to a place that can help you recalibrate. For me that place is the yoga mat or sometimes an end of day bubble bath. Whatever it is, accept that it’s ok to feel what you’re feeling. 
  • I’ll leave you with one last point, PROTECT YOUR ENERGY. If you’re seeing that all of your social media or text messages revert back to anxious discussions about what is currently going on, take space. Choose when you want to be exposed to media and discussions on this global pandemic. We all know it’s not great right now, but exposing ourselves to the energy of constant fear and anxiety isn’t going to make this go away quicker. Accept that this is where we are right now and protect your energy. 

I hope the above is helpful and can start you on your journey of balanced calm. Sending you all so much love. 


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Sascha Torres is an Integrative Health Coach and graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Specializing in the journey towards authenticity, Sascha helps individuals improve their overall health & wellness by addressing imbalances in various areas of their life such as work life balance, personal relationships, mindfulness/spirituality and self care. FOLLOW HER HERE…

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