Overwhelm: Divide and Conquer to Get Things Done by Sheila Hawkins

What happens when you look at your daily agenda? You cringe. Wonder how it’s all going to get done and how you need to be two different people to make it all happen. Then, you feel what you think is overwhelm.

Overwhelm is a conversation, not an emotion. I know that’s probably doesn’t sound right to you, but it’s true. Overwhelm is a conversation that we have with ourselves. When you begin to think about all that there is to do, the thought process grows. The initial thought leads to another, and then another and continues to grow as you continue to have thoughts, or the conversation, contemplate the fallout, and finally you end up with this monstrous ball of emotion you think is overwhelm.

You’re not the only one who’s been in this place before. It happens daily; and it’s safe to say that the same people find themselves here in this space daily. Here’s the thing about what you think is overwhelm. It’s the thoughts, or the conversation that you have with yourself and maybe some of the people in your head that produces the emotion you feel. Instead of distinguishing the thoughts or the conversation from the emotion that comes out of it, you collapse the two and believe that you’re feeling overwhelmed, when in fact, what you’re feeling, is stressed, frustrated, or maybe inadequate and as though you have no control. Separate the emotions from the conversation, they’re two separate things. Overwhelm is the conversation and the emotions are actually what you feel.

After distinguishing the two, you can divide and conquer. Divide the list of things to do into what has to be done right now and what things can wait. Of those things that have to be done right now, what are the priority items? If you don’t know what your priorities are, now’s the time to get it straight. Be realistic about the amount of time it’s going to take to complete each task. Once you have them in your calendar, commit to what you’ve created and work on them at the designated times. It really helps to know your priorities. That makes it pretty easy to cut out the overwhelm conversation and all the emotions it brings with it. Like I said, you’re not the only one, but do you really want to keep the conversation going? Make the distinction, divide and conquer so you can stop cringing when you look at your daily agenda and get things done.

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