The Role of Personality in Productivity by Sheila Hawkins

Even if you don’t know much about me, if you’ve been to my website or blog you know that I have a totally different approach when it comes to productivity. I don’t see time as everyone else does, or as we were all taught to view it.
For years I have seen that personality plays a direct role in effective productivity, and that discovery started with my own challenges. I know first-hand how it is to be challenged when it comes to getting things done.

Your personality plays a direct role in your productivity. That role is to clue you in as to how to approach and deal with this thing we call time. Start to think about how certain traits impact your productivity. Whether the trait is a positive one or not, it can still impact productivity. Take creativity for example. Such a gift can make one not so productive when things haven’t been put in place to help support such a creative person since most tend to go with the flow.
There are some who are deep, analytic thinkers and that’s something that is needed when it comes to business, but it can lead to over analyzing, perfectionism and even procrastination.

Sometimes being a take charge kind of person or a spontaneous one can contribute to challenges on the productivity front.
To begin to see how your personality factors into your own productivity, start by looking closely at how your personality traits impact your productivity. You’ll find traits that support you and, those that hinder you.

It’s also necessary to observe what your natural rhythm is and use that in the flow of your day. This is what I term your Prime Time™. If you’re a corporate world survivor like me, you know what it’s like to be ruled by others when it comes what’s on your agenda. That’s not the way to work with time. Time is all about you. Who you are should be at the core of how you engage in what you do. Think about the time of day when you are at your best mentally and when your physical energy is high. Some people are not morning people, those people whose juices don’t really start flowing until noon and they can work into the late evening or even early morning hours.

Now you know the role of your personality, and now you need to take the steps to discover how it impacts your productivity. Once you figure that out, your charge is to choose a tool that fits your Productivity Persona™, then build a time management system around it. Obviously, there are additional pieces, and it goes a bit deeper than what I’ve shared here. You’ve got a few things to get you started at looking at the role your personality plays in your productivity and beginning to allow it to play that role for you in a powerful way.

If you’re ready to take that step, this quiz will reveal your Productivity Persona™ and some of your productivity strengths and challenges.

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