Essential Guide for Small Business Marketing and Reopening By Elena Stewart


When you’re ready to reopen your business, one of the most important steps is creating a great marketing plan. Marketing doesn’t have to be costly—by following this resource, you can come up with a budget-friendly marketing strategy that will allow you to reconnect with customers and reopen with ease.

Power of social media

One of the best ways to get the ball rolling on your reopening is by revamping your social media presence. Studies show that app usage—including social media apps—is up by 20% from last year, in large part due to the pandemic. One thing that can be gleaned from this information is that business owners have an opportunity to take advantage of the extra time people are spending on social media.

There are several ways to use social media to help you reopen, but be sure to follow some guidelines as you create content. Try to fine-tune your messaging by being relevant and timely with your content. For example, craft messaging that’s mindful of the “new normal” we’re all living in, from mask-wearing to physical distancing.

Aim to be empathetic in your messaging, and offer solutions for challenges that have arisen in the COVID-19 landscape. If you own a gym, for example, you could explain the difficulty of staying fit while at home, and offer online classes for paying members. Not only will you provide a new service to your customers, but you’ll also connect with a new audience who may be looking for online fitness options.

Keep in mind that people turn to social media to connect, and creating content that appeals to that desire will be far more effective than traditional advertising. Use functions such as live streaming to explain how you’ll keep customers safe upon their return, and consider offering a video tour of the new changes you’ve made to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

Outsourcing assistance

One thing that keeps many small business owners a little too busy is wearing too many hats. If all organizing all your different technologies, such as social media, cloud services and website content, is getting away from you, you have options. You can hire a Sharepoint developer to streamline your tasks. Sharepoint combines various applications into a one-stop-shop, making managing various chores and information easier.

Consider implementing this unique software into your arsenal of reopening strategies. By hiring a freelancer, you can select top-shelf talent to tackle it, without the top-shelf price tag of a permanent staff member. Just do your research to find someone with the skills and knowledge your project requires, and have a timeline and project scope ready to shape your plan.

On the flip side, if outsourcing administrative tasks would allow you to focus on bigger projects (ie—marketing strategies, developing a new product, etc.), look to AbleOffice Admin to lend a hand. They can provide you with the professional support you need so you’re freed up for those special details only you can tackle.

Reopening adaptations

While marketing is a big part of your reopening, you’ll also need to think about physical adaptations for your business to be health and safety compliant.

If you own a retail business, you can easily print off signage that will help customers know your guidelines. For example, consider printing a sign to alert customers that masks are mandatory, and use signs to direct traffic flow in your store. Mark out spaces so people can stand six feet apart from one another in line, and install sneeze shields to protect both your cashiers and customers.

Financial assistance

Many businesses are struggling to reopen with so many months of lost income. Keep in mind that if you need financial assistance, you can apply for loans or grants to help you reopen your doors. There are government loans and private grants available for small businesses; do some research to see if you qualify.

Reopening your business will feel great after a long closure, but be sure to reconnect with your customers through social media as you prepare to reopen. Get creative and personal with your messaging, and don’t be afraid to live stream. If you need help, hire a consultant who can offer guidance.

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