Power Player Feature: Lisa Cooper

Lisa Cooper is a passionate Nurse and CEO of Recoop Nurse Registry. I think many families will find relief in knowing more about her business and how she can help them cope! She’s new to the OYP family and loves to help others. Learn more about her business and connect with her!

What inspired you to start your business?

Being in healthcare we see all aspects of life.  I have heard and from my own personal experiences that it is challenging at times trying to work and take care of family members.  Lots of people are uncomfortable putting their family members in a nursing home.  Families resort to home care which can be additional stress if you consider each person’s role if you are married or single with children. So, there is a need for family care assistance.

What have been some of the challenges?

Home health care and home care are fields where the pay is not going to be the same as if one were practicing in an acute care setting.  Pay is a challenge for those of us in the home care industry.  Recoop Nurse Registry must find a balance to satisfy staff and keep current and future clients satisfied also during one of the most intimate times.  Clients are having home care without the added stress of the hospital environment.  We also must be considerate of our current state of emergency with the pandemic.  Recoop Nurse Registry ensures safety between all staff and clients.

What skills have you used to put it all together?

It has been a bumpy road here and there, but one must keep pushing.  I have worked in a pediatrician’s office at the beginning of my nursing career. I worked there while in nursing school which gave me an advantage from other nursing students.  When I finished with nursing school and passed my state nursing boards, I got my first job on a medical surgical pediatric floor.  Wanting to explore something a little different in nursing, I ventured over to surgical nursing.  Here I was able to observe different roles in the operating room.  My next mission was pediatric intensive care.  This was very touching at times.  One has to have a special touch to work with kids.  As a nurse you must take care of the child, siblings, and parents.  I was also an adjunct clinical faculty member for four years.

What are the main keys to business success?

You must put in the time.  Always finding new ways to catch your potential client’s attention.  Doing business with integrity and compassion.  We are vulnerable when we get sick so as business owner and nurse, I can understand the compassion that is needed during this intimate time.  If a problem arises, I will try my best to ensure not tot repeat the same mistake and improve workflow process also.

Favorite me time escape?

I like going to the beach to hear the ocean pounding on itself when the winds are high.  Music is my getaway.  When I listen to my favorite songs whether it be old school or new school, I can be free to sing off key as much as I want! I am one of those persons who is in the mirror thinking I am on stage performing at the concert.  Cycling is another favorite I enjoy doing. It space to think freely.

What would you like your legacy to be?  How do you want to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as the Nurse who went above and beyond despite trials and tribulations.  A person who was involved in giving back to the community.  Someone who is accountable, has integrity, was stellar and strategic with business and new business endeavors.

Any words of advice for anyone getting into your industry?

Understand that it is a process.  As soon as you get your state license begin the process to become da Medicaid provider.  As this too will be a process.  Occasionally you may get anxious while waiting but do know it is a process.  Network daily.  Join network groups on Facebook.  They have tons of information.  Do not be afraid to ask questions.  You do not have to pay for every bit of information.  Set realistic business goals.

Website: www.recoopnurseregistry.com (Under construction, please pardon the dust)

Facebook: Recoop Nurse Registry

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