7 Steps to Boost Your Credit Score to 750 or more!

Struggling with the effects of bad credit can be very stressful. When you have credit problems, there is no question that life often becomes more difficult. With bad credit it can be tough to purchase a home, secure reliable transportation, and qualify for a credit card.
In this show we  cover 7 steps get back on track to a 750 Credit Score! 
Guest expert:
Shawn Lane
ABOUT SHAWN: Shawn K. Lane, author of “The Consumer’s Guide to Credit Restoration” and Co-Founder/CEO of Financial Renovation Solutions, Inc. https://tinyurl.com/oypfixcredit, has been educating consumers about credit since 1992 and has done so on a full time basis since 2013. Shawn spends time daily teaching consumers how to understand credit reporting and credit scoring systems, including the best ways to maximize their credit scores and avoid credit score setbacks. He has extensive experience detecting credit reporting errors. He also has specialized knowledge regarding just how serious credit reporting errors can be and the significant consequences and damages which such errors may potentially have upon a consumer’s life.
Coach Simone Kelly

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