Power Player Feature: Sherry Cochran, Angel Investor

Sherry Cochran is an Angel Investor who provides modest capital  for a start-up business or expansion of a business in exchange for equity in the company. Let’s get to know her and see how we can help spread the word about her business. She can possibly help you!


Tell us more about what you do:

I have a diverse portfolio including but not limited to startup ecosystems, film, thoroughbreds, travel accommodations and wine & spirits. I invest financial support in the early stages which is crucial for start-ups to develop. Regulations for crowdfunding by the SEC affords investors with limited capital to invest like the companies with deep pockets, leveling the playing field by giving me opportunity to be part of the next great idea!


What inspired you to get started?:

I was inspired to become an entrepreneur after researching different crowdfunding opportunities and realizing anyone can invest with minimum funds creating a diverse portfolio. Angel investing allow me to support companies with missions in which I believe. Networking within the business community is also a benefit of angel investing. My goal as an investor is to help founders fulfill their dreams as well as making some money in the process if the business is successful.


What has been your business challenge?

The biggest challenge for me is debunking the myth investing isn’t lucrative. My family and friends do not have resources and find it difficult to invest money. I struggle with convincing my community investment is simply putting a little away every payday. I am trying to educate the community of undeserved investing is not get rich quick, you must have patience and do research. A temporary challenge is the Covid-19 pandemic which prevents excess to in person early-stage events, pop-up stores or workshops, etc.


What are your skills that you have used to pull it all together?

Some skills I have enlisted in being a successful angel investor so far include but not limited to researching companies, asking questions, trying the product, reviewing financials and audits. I create a due diligence checklist before making any financial commitment to a company. I also invest in personal educational training to connect me with fellow business professionals, mentors and for a better understanding of how to excess early venture capital. I would not feel comfortable putting finances into a business without basic business 101 tools. Absorb as much information as you can, a MBA would be nice, but not required!


What are main keys to being successful in business?

Main keys to being successful in business I feel is a well researched business plan, boots to the ground approach, financial knowledge and the right people in the right places ensuring the product-market fit can create and sustain a loyal customer base through advertisement.


Favorite Me Time Escape?

My favorite me time escapes are  daily supplication, listening to audio books, meditation, walking and reading the financials.


What would you like your legacy to be? How would you want to be remembered?

I would like my legacy to be generational wealth. I want to be remembered as breaking the cycle of financial inequities in my family. My mother never graduated high school, never saved money nor ever purchased a home. I am on track to not only breaking the generational curse but ascending into lifetime financial stability.


Words of Advice for an entrepreneur?

“You only have to get rich once,” Warren Buffet said. I say if you don’t succeed, try, try again! I recall hearing in a GVR (Get Venture Ready) coaching session “I rather have 1% of a billion than a 100% of nothing.


Favorite book for personal growth? 

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho inspires my personal growth


Get in touch with Sherry!

@SherryC69988667 or email sidnei0.sc@gmail.com

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