Treat yourself to an OWN YOUR POWER VIP RETREAT!


A day where you’d have a coach to work with you on your personal and professional goals…

A day where someone can help you develop strategies to create breakthroughs in areas of your life where you feel challenged…

A day were you will get ULTRA clear on your calling and truly awaken to your soul’s journey.

A day where you will feel pampered, relaxed, and uplifted.

A day where you will awaken, transform, heal and most importantly be on the path to OWNING YOUR POWER!


This is something I’m so excited to finally be offering, since I have many clients from across the country who I’ve never met in person! These same clients have expressed that they’d love to come to beautiful South Florida to visit me for a day and get one-on-one VIP treatment.

 I designed the  VIP Own Your Power Retreat for you! It’s a coaching intensive combined with business/life/spiritual coaching, Chakra clearing, Reiki treatment, Letting Go exercises on the beach, a visit from my favorite massage therapist, yoga instructor, and of course delicious meals all day long. 

Sound good? Well…it’s one of the best gifts you can give to yourself! If you’re interested in finding out more about my VIP OWN YOUR POWER RETREAT send me an email at  and see if you we’re a good fit.  I’m only taking SERIOUS clients who are ready to work on their personal and professional development.  

I promise you, this day will be all about YOU, where you want to take your business/life and what steps you REALLY need to take to get there FAST.  

I look forward to spending the day with you! 

Email me today to find out more. Let’s talk! I am currently booking for JUNE, JULY and AUGUST DATES. You can save your space with a deposit.

Own Your Power,

Coach Simone Kelly


(hotel and airfare not included)

Awaken to Your Greatness!
1/2 Day $699 per person (no more than 6 people) 

Meditation/Journaling on Beach
1 hour Reiki session to clear your chakras
Intuitive Life Coaching  or Business
Letting Go workshop (creative writing ritual at beach) 
Create Life plan (detailed goal setting)
Design Your Destiny (my vision board workshop)/or Intuitive workshop


Our massage therapist AL from Massage and Unwind

$1,297  FULL DAY: Own Your Power Intensive –VIP treatment–full day with Coach Simone 

VIP breakfast and lunch
Meditation/Journaling/Yoga on Beach with certified instructor
Chakra Clearing and Reiki
Intuitive Life Coaching  or Business
Letting Go workshop (creative writing ritual at beach)
Create Life plan
Design Your Destiny (my vision board workshop)
Massage from Massage and Unwind

**Special Gift bag included for both packages


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