Join the 15 Day Challenge to WIN $1200!

Ladies and Gentlemen! 

We’re doing it again for 15 days. I ave officially accepted the 15 day transformation challenge. I’m going ALL IN! It’s me vs. ME! 



A friend of mine gave me some of the samples last month and I was blown away on how fast I lost 7lbs and 11 inches on my body in a week. I love the products and their all natural ingredients, so it was a no brainer that I become a distributor since The Own Your Power Lifestyle is all about  your mind,  body,  and spirit.  Health and wellness is key.

The contest started on the 22nd,  but It’s not too late to join since it ends on December 3. Let’s be accountability partners.  Keep in mind, it’s not just to lose weight but to detox aka LOSE WASTE. Get toned up and more fit in 15 days. Many people have done it and so can we!  ORDER YOUR KIT TODAY.



You just need to order your kit with the Total Life Change Products for $99 with this link:



It has the top products that work so well together.

Once you order, I’ll contact you and  add you to my private group on FB where we can cheer each other on, share tips, and share our wins. I can’t do this alone! Let’s get it.

 I’m throwing in some extra surprise bonuses from Own Your Power as well!

8 winners will receive $1,200 each for having the best transformation!

If you want to follow my journey check out my new page on IG @oyplifechangers. I will post daily what I am doing for the challenge. 

We are fired up. Can’t wait to see you in there! 

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