10 Extra Costs to Be Aware of Before You Buy! (Brenda Cano Team Tips)

Tune in to Brenda Cano who is not only a realtor but also a lender. In this episode, she offers tips on 10 extra costs to be aware of before you buy.
Save yourself the headache of mistakes by listening to this expert!

Brenda Cano is a natural leader and master negotiator to help you get the home you desire. She is a forward-thinking, performance-driven Mortgage and Real Estate professional with a proven record of accomplishments during her 15+ year career.Brenda not only offers you creative solutions for financing, she is passionate about educating her clients on various strategies to buy or sell, so that they are full prepared. Stay tuned for many more episodes. Take notes. She brings the knowledge! To reach out to Brenda you can email her at brenda@brendacano.com

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