Time & Space is back with NEW SHOWS

If you haven’t noticed by now, we have now moved new shows to Buzzsprout, so you’ll be able to download our podcasts on iTunes, Spotify and many more.

We’re now in our 9th Season of The Own Your Power Radio Network and one of our longest running shows is back with new episodes.

If you need some support with improving your productivity and time managment, then Sheila Hawkins is the woman to help you ! Tune in to her newest episodes on Buzzsprout here:


If you want to catch her other 73 episodes, you can check out her playlist here on Soundcloud. She knows we’re all busy, so  Sheila gives us bitesize tips to help you win the day in 5-8 min long shows. Please share how they have helped you and if there are any topics you want her to cover. Also share with someone you know struggling to stay focused. She’s drops so many gems on her podcast.


Coach Simone Kelly

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