Can Your Eyes Hold the Secrets to Your Health? (Iridologist Breaks it Down for us)

Coach Simone Kelly interviewed a top rated Iridologist to find out how can Iridology help someone get a sneak peak into their health and also provide preventative measures for longevity.

In this episode we feature Power Player -Jessica Halpern who is a Certified advanced physical Iridologist and holistic health coach. She’s been an Iridologist for over 20 years!
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Tune in to learn more.

What are the benefits of an Iridology exam with MYEYEREAD?

-The eyes are connected to the brain via the optic nerve and act like monitors that can be read to see how your “programs” and “operating systems” are functioning.

-The irides reveal the genetic predispositions of the entire body.

-It’s safe and non-invasive

-Reveal the location of toxins in your body

-Learn your nutritional and minerals needed for optimal health

-Allows you to strengthen weak areas in your body to avoid or delay degeneration of vital organs.

-It can be done in person (South Florida) or VIRTUAL.

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