Get Certified in Reiki with Coach Simone Kelly THIS YEAR

Awaken. Heal. Transform. OWN YOUR POWER! Learn Reiki with Coach Simone Kelly
SAVE YOUR SPOT WITH A DEPOSIT of only $75 and Get the early bird special!
Reiki Level 1
February 25, Miami Gardens ENROLL HERE
Other locations coming soon!
Reiki Level 2
coming soon
If you get in early, the class certification is only  $175 (SEE YOUR location for the EARLY BIRD) Full price is $199.
Instructor: Simone Kelly, Certified Reiki Master-Teacher
Always wanted to learn Reiki? Now is your chance to learn from a dedicated trainer since 2008 who will make your experience memorable and fun.
Participants will learn the history of Usui Reiki, the methods and the 5 governing principles.
They will also learn and practice Reiki healing positions on themselves and other classmates.
Upon completion of the workshop each participant is given a Reiki Level 1 training manual and frameable certificate.
“I’ve been working with Simone for a little over 7 years now and I felt a huge energy shift/transformation within myself that I greatly attribute to my Reiki with her. 
After becoming a health and wellness coach, I began to realize that our wellness is linked to so many different factors and that our chakras have so much to do with how receptive we are to our own personal evolution.
 It seemed like a no-brainer to take her ReikiLevel 1 course and I’m so grateful I did. The class was fully immersive and I left it feeling inspired. I definitely feel as though I have the tools to support my clients as they clear their spiritual clutter and open themselves up to their own personal metamorphosis.”
Sascha Torres. Follow her IG @nirmanawellness 
“I’ve known Simone since we were elementary school kids and have had the pleasure to actually work with her this last year.
 After having my first reiki session with Simone it seemed to open up all areas of my life that were just scattered around haphazardly and things started to become ordered and my purpose was revealed. She made the “weirdness” make sense! Relationships became better, career thriving.
So, it was NO coincidence when she offered the Reiki level one class that I was one of the first to sign up. It was only appropriate since as a loctician I work with the crown that I learn how to protect and cleanse MYSELF as well as others. I now know how to leave that energy right where it belongs and not carry it with me.
Simone made learning easy, that day went by so fast I was sad to see it come to an end. But as fast as it went I left EMPOWERED, ELECTRIFIED, BALANCED and with a new understanding of myself , others and my capabilities!
 Physical wellness vs spiritual wellness vs emotional wellness all go hand in hand. Can’t wait until Reiki level 2.” 
MARJORIE, Florida 
Reiki eased his pain from nerve damage.
Watch his video testimony here!

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