Valentine’s Day Distant Healing Special! (REIKI WORKS!)

Are you stressed, scattered,  dealing with anxiety or brain fog? Or maybe you are you bloated or have some body aches?
You need to stop right now and purchase my distant healing package made just in time for Valentine’s day. Release the stress, gain clarity and find balance once again.
share the gift of healing, love, peace and balance. This special expires on Jan 31, so take advantage of it today! See below for details.
Special is TWO Distant healings for $125 ($138 Value).
You can use them together as a couple or use them separate.
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Love yourself, Heal yourself and own your power

“I recently did distance Reiki with Simone. I heard about Reiki, even did some in person with Simone when she was in town, briefly, but not a full session. I have to say I was a bit of a skeptic on the distance Reiki, because I didn’t think it would really work since I was in Dallas and she was in Florida, but I have to say it worked! I was blown away.


I had been going through some things that had my blocked in my power or stomach chakra and also in my throat chakra. During the session over the phone I could literally feel tingling all over my body. Next day, things started moving, LITERALLY and this might be TMI, but I had a long talk with the toilet! Lol. Then, my body felt like it does when you have had a deep cleanse. I was tired and wanted to rest, my legs felt like noodles. She said this was normal because it’s like a full body detox. She told me to drink water all day to keep flushing everything out. Third day I felt a different lighter spirit all over, it seemed like everything around me that had been blocked started moving. I felt a sense of Joy again, and the people and situations that had been stagnant started freeing up and moving in a more positive direction. All I can say is I feel amazing. I was a skeptic but now I’m a believer.Distant reiki is da bomb!”

Khadijah,  Texas


I attended Simone’s virtual group healing.

I was amazed at some of the instant results. When we began the entire-right side of my body hurt.  Midway I sitting in a yoga pose with my legs crossed meditating and feeling no pain. Strangely enough I just got a new tattoo which was sore and by the end of the session nothing on my body hurt. I immediately drank a bottle of water and I needed to go to the bathroom. Simone is very dedicated and the real deal. There is no time she has ever been anything but her gifted and beautiful self. I will be returning to Simone again soon!
Being well in my power,
Darlene, NC

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