Meet Power Player -Author E. Raye Turonek

Meet  Author E. Raye Turonek, a  Master Weaver of Mystery Suspense Thrillers. We started off as FB friends and then realized we’re book sisters!  We are both published by Carl Weber under the URBAN BOOKS/Penguin-Randomhouse family. 

She’s such a dynamic person I had to introduce her to the Own Your Power readers and listeners. We love creatives. 

She was also recently a guest on The Own Your Power Lifestyle Show. So make sure you check it out and share your feedback in the comments. 

Let’s get to know the multitalented Author  E. Raye…

What service or  product does your business provide?

Video Synopsis, Promotions, Tarot, Natal Chart Analysis, Ghostwriting Services, and Screenwriting Services. 

What inspired you to start your businesses? What problem to you help customers solve?

My goal is to utilize my talents to the best of my ability in order to elevate my life, and that of others. 

Many people would like to write a book or screenplay,  but don’t have the time or training. 

Many would love to be able to promote their works successfully, but lack the platform and talents for digital creations. 

Many want to know what’s hidden… 

I’m here to assist with all of the above. 

What have been some challenges in your business?

Choosing exactly what I want to do has been a challenge. I’ve decided not to limit myself by doing whatever I am capable of. 

What skills have you used to pull it all together?

My imagination, mental wherewithal and determination has been all I’ve need to put in the work. 

What are  your main keys to being successful in business?

Determination, self mastery, belief in one’s self, training, research and faith. 

Favorite me time escape? Prayer, reading, traveling and boating. 

What would you like your legacy to be? How do you wanna be remembered?

Making my ancestors proud and bringing honor to our lineage is my purpose. I also want to help aged out foster kids. It has to be a terrible feeling never to be adopted then to be kicked out on the streets at the age of 18. To feel like you were never wanted, and serve no purpose has to be devastating. I’d love to create some sort of housing for them and provide job training. 

Making movies has also been a major goal of mine since childhood. 

Any last words of advice for an entrepreneur just starting out?

Believe in yourself and have faith in what it is you want to accomplish. Your heart has to be in it. Never give up on you. 

Any recommended reading for our audience? 

Google is your best friend. Everything you need to know is there. 

The Alchemist definitely resonated with me in a way no other book ever had. 

How can our readers reach you? 

Twitter ~ @RayeTuronek

Instagram ~ @erayeturonek

Facebook ~ Author E Raye Turonek 

Facebook ~ Mental Chatter Musings 

YouTube ~ Enchantress Press Astrology 

Check out her interview here! 



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