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5 Tips to Build Your Network as a Writer By Coach Simone Kelly 

Part 4: Make Your Writing Sacred Series

Writing can be a lonely endeavor since the act of writing is usually done solo. However, it doesn’t always have to be. Having a tribe of other writer’s can push you to the next level in your career. It can help you improve your craft and get constructive feedback from your peers.  It’s imperative to come out of your shell to get the connections and recognition you deserve. The beauty of technology is that you don’t have to even leave your house to network these days. I have so many writer friends all across the globe, many I have never met in person. We have access to online groups, workshops, and online trainings to gain the connections you need. 

Building a strong tribe can open doors to opportunities, collaborations, and insights that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Whether you’re an aspiring author or a seasoned writer, here are five effective ways to build up your network and enhance your writing journey.


  1. Attend Writing Conferences, Workshops, and Trainings. 

Writing workshops and conferences are not only great places to enhance your writing skills but also perfect opportunities to expand your network. These events gather writers of various levels, agents, editors, and publishers under one roof. Engage in conversations, attend panel discussions, and participate in workshops. 

Don’t be shy! 

Introduce yourself, exchange contact information and see how you can help each other. The connections you make at these events can lead to critique partners, mentorship, and even potential publishing deals.


  1. Join Online Writing Communities 

Online writing communities offer a fantastic way to connect with fellow writers from around the world. Platforms like writing-focused subreddits, Facebook groups, and dedicated forums provide spaces to discuss craft, share experiences, and seek advice. Engage actively by offering insights and asking questions. Over time, you’ll become a recognizable member of the community, and these connections can extend beyond the virtual realm. I know many people join a bunch of groups and then do nothing. That’s not what I’m talking about here. Challenge yourself to be active in a group. Closed mouths don’t get fed, so being a lurker won’t do much. 


Start participating!

  •  Comment on a current conversation
  •  Congratulate someone on a win
  •  Ask for advice or feedback on a scene


 Just be sure to stay within the group’s guidelines so that you don’t get banned. I.e: posting ads or getting into arguments with other members are frowned upon in many groups. 

If you’d like to join my group, go here to join THE WRITER’S LAB. We meet every Sunday on Zoom to do co-writing sessions. 


  1. Collaborate on Writing Projects

I love having a writing buddy who is working on a book at the same time. We can share ideas, critique chapters or scenes, and help each other stay on task. Collaboration is a powerful tool for building your network as a writer. Seek out opportunities to co-write articles, short stories, or even novels with other writers. I’ve bartered books, written reviews, and showcased other authors I have met, in my blog or on my podcast.  You can even work on cross-promotions to expose each other to your perspective networks. Explore the opportunities to make it a WIN/WIN for all. 

Collaborative projects not only allow you to tap into different perspectives and styles but also introduce you to the networks of your collaborators. Your co-writers, readers and followers can become your audience, broadening your reach.


  1. Utilize Social Media Strategically

Step up your social media game and promote yourself, not just your selfies or your favorite juice bar lol. A well-crafted social media presence can attract like-minded individuals and potential collaborators. Create profiles on platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and share your writing journey, insights, and accomplishments. Make YouTube videos to have your audience get to know you. People also love behind the scenes footage of your writer’s lifestyle. Use your content to inspire others as well.  Engage with other writers, literary agents, publishers, and readers by commenting on their posts, sharing relevant content, and participating in writing-related conversations.


  1. Attend Book Readings and Literary Events

Book readings, author signings, and literary festivals are excellent opportunities to connect with published authors and fellow book enthusiasts. Engaging in discussions about literature can lead to meaningful connections with writers, agents, and industry professionals. After attending an event, make it your business to follow up immediately through social media or email. Remember, genuine interactions go a long way in building lasting relationships.


Building a network as a writer requires time, effort, and genuine engagement. It’s about more than just collecting business cards; it’s about nurturing relationships and adding value to the writing community. Approach networking with authenticity and a willingness to give as much as you receive. By attending events, joining online communities, collaborating, leveraging social media, and participating in literary events, you’ll forge connections that can enrich your writing journey and open doors to exciting opportunities. Your network is a reflection of your dedication to your craft—so start building it today.


 Own Your Power as a writer by following these key steps. Good luck and happy networking, 

Coach Simone Kelly 

Stay tuned for part 5 in this series. See part 3 here. 

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