Meet Power Player: Robin Downes of Yoga Flava

This Yoga instructor and media superstar has been making headlines for many years paving the way for yogis and especially in spreading the message of how yoga can truly change your life. I think when I first learned about her, she was Def Jam’s Russell Simmon’s personal yoga instructor. She’s built up a reputation as yoga instructor to the stars working with Brandy, Vanessa Williams and many more. Talk about putting yoga on the map!


Robin Downes yoga pose

She exudes so much passion for what she does and I wanted to share her brilliance with you all. She definitely owns her power! Let’s get to know Robin.







What service does your business provide?
Yoga and Media

What inspired you to start it? What problem do you help customers solve?

Stress from working in the media biz and losing my mother to cancer.

What have been some challenges in building your business?
Family obligation as caregiver to my almost 90 year old father, so I include him in my business.


What skills/special talents have you used to pull it all together?
Yoga and media background.  (I’m a past Emmy Award winner and worked on ABC News 20/20)

What are main keys to being successful in business?
Networking, Marketing and loving what you do.

What’s your favorite me time escape?
Epsom salt baths, yoga, nature, and the ocean.

What would you like your legacy to be? How do you wanna be remembered?

I was the first African American Woman to have an internationally distributed Yoga video that inspired others to explore Yoga.

Saving my father from a nursing home seven years ago when everyone else gave up on him.

Featured on “The Doctors”  TV show






Any last words of advice for an entrepreneur just starting out?
Find your passion and make a business plan for your success.

Any recommended reading -a book that helped your biz or your personal growth?
Think and Grow Rich, Sacred Woman by Queen Afua, and The Secret.

How can our readers reach you to learn more?

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