Hot Topics for Week of Feb. 23 (OYP Radio)

February 28, 2016
Hot Topics for Week of Feb. 23 (OYP Radio)

Here’s a fun collection of some HILARIOUS and INSIGHTFUL shows! We dig deep talking about Dreams, how therapy heals, what men really want and much more…

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Own Your Power,
Coach Simone Kelly
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Do you remember your dreams? This show goes in deep and shares how you can remember and UNDERSTAND your dreams. Tune into Where Do You Go in Your Dreams? (Own Your Power Lifestyle Show)

Simone and German Bloopers! Funny moments in the studio…
(Own Your Power Lifestyle Show)

What Men Desire (Holistic Healing Hour) Wow…this is a a very wild and funny show with the men of the OYP fam. Trying to control them is not easy! Monica and I had our work cut out for us.

Therapists Don’t Bite! I always say your journal is great FREE THERAPY, however there are times that call for a REAL therapist. Find out how you can get help and why it works on this show. (Holistic Healing Hour)

Do you have a business and want to get the word out? You need friends, followers, fans? This mini-show offers a few tips! Tune into How to Build Your List (Grow Your Business Show)


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