Moving Forward by Barbara Winter

September 6, 2017
This amazing woman was the author of the book MAKING A LIVING WITHOUT A JOB. It was one of the books that jump-started my career over 20 years ago. She was kind enough to let me share some of her wisdom with you all. Check it out!
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Moving Forward by Barbara Winter
There’s an old saying popularized by Robert Schuller that goes, “By the inch, it’s a cinch. By the yard, it’s hard.” Any successful goal setter will tell you that reaching goals big or small is dependent on breaking the big picture into tiny, doable steps.
That’s the essence of the $100 Hour. It works with such infallible certainty that once you make it a regular part of your plans, it’s like a rocket propelling you to your financial goals.
You can begin implementing the $100 Hour even if you now have a job or other commitments that clamor for your time. Begin by making a pact with yourself that you will set aside time daily, if possible, or at regular intervals for the purpose of finding an idea that will bring you $100.
You needn’t complete the plan in the hour, but if time permits use your surplus to get your idea rolling. Do research, make calls, write emails-anything that advances your goal. If you’re focusing your energies on a single profit center, then come up with an idea for expanding it in a way that will earn another $100.
If you’re going to try a number of different ideas in order to figure out what you most want to do, then this time can be spent designing a variety of projects that generate income while you are conducting your test.
A word of warning is in order here. While this idea works wonders, your ego may tell you that $100 is too insignificant to bother with. Ignore it. Remember that great fortunes and grand achievements have been accomplished by steadfast devotion to tiny successes. You’ll accomplish great things the very same way.
The discipline that comes with using this technique is perhaps its greatest bonus. However, once you start seeing results, don’t stop. With continued practice, you’ll find it gets easier and easier to come up with a $100 idea. You’ll also discover that the quality of your ideas gets better and better with practice.
At that point you can raise the monetary stakes, if you like. As Wayne Dyer reminded us, “There’s no scarcity of opportunity to earn money doing what you love; there is only scarcity of resolve to make it happen.
A Few Easy Idea Starters
Here are some fast and easy ways to get the $100 Hour up and running.
  1. Take in a paying guest
  2. Give your opinion in a focus group
  3. Teach a class
  4. Throw a party
  5. Publish a tips booklet
  6. Clean out a closet and sell the contents
  7. House or pet sit
  8. Eliminate an expense that doesn’t bring you joy
  9. Start a follow-through service
  10. Contact former customers
  11. Sell a photograph
  12. Match up buyers and sellers and collect a fee
  13. Organize a tour or event
  14. Sell an article
  15. Run errands for busy people
  16. Tutor kids or adults
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