A Hidden Secret Inside The Law Of Attraction by Yassmine Aref Gadalla

March 20, 2013

Is THE SECRET really a secret? The Law of Attraction is not as mystical as we might think it is. When you really get clear on just how powerful you are, you won’t be in awe of the things you start to allow in your world. You will become an amazing magnet!  Check out this article for more tips on this  law of life 🙂

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You hold the key!

A Hidden Secret Inside The Law Of Attraction by Yassmine Aref Gadalla

We all believe in destiny and fate, what happens in our life and through our day is already planned to happen. No matter what we try to do or struggle for, we will never get a glimpse more or less than what is pre-destined for us. Fate can always be conquered, that’s what scientists and philosophers tried to prove for years but eventually, this is not true! Actually to believe in something in your life and pass it through to your heart is a hard task in this matter. I have always believed in “God’s choice”, we may see things and go inside paths in our life that we might think it will lead us to what we want; when god has different plans and places we’d rather be that turns at the end the best that suits us.

We agree that no one can change his fate and destiny but we can change our life and reach to whatever we want. Even when we believe that we can never change what happens in life, we still have hope in getting all the things we ever wanted so easily. The law of attraction is the answer and the tool for that. We can simply attract to our lives whatever we want by just thinking about it. Our dominant thoughts will always find a way to manifest. Like attracts like, let’s just think positive and imagine something we really want so bad and see what will happen?

If you want and need that thing with all your heart, start thinking about it all day long and every day, you will definitely attract it by your mind and thoughts. Negative brings negative, negative thoughts also work in the law of attraction, if we focused in our life, we will figure out that many times when we thought of something bad, it just happens because our mind attracted it. We attract thoughts that happen when our mind confirms the idea and so on and on. Expect the good and you’ll find it, when we expect something good to happen, our mind works like magic in attracting things that we wished for.

God has given us this option to let us know that we have control over our destiny and what happens to us, if we just hope for the best. Start you next day by thinking positive and you’ll attract all your good thoughts, put a target and try attracting it.

The Law of Attraction draws to you the essence of whatever you predominantly think about or focus your attention on. So, if you mostly think about what you want, you get what you want, and if you mostly think about what you don’t want, you get more of that. I sincerely thank the authors of “The Secret” book who have given me this law of attraction as a way of living and achieving all my dreams. The secret in attracting things is to believe you could do it. Try the law of attraction in a simple thought and you’ll see how it works, but don’t forget to BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT.

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