Are You Ready for YOUR New Beginning?

August 10, 2016

It’s been a month of NEW BEGINNINGS for me in so many ways…

  1. Our studio moved to a new and improved location. Tru Town Films and Own Your Power Radio will now have a new home in Miami Shores. The studio is under construction and we can wait to unveil it in a couple of months.
  1. I moved and I can no longer say I’m a minimalist. My friends that helped me moved confirmed that with the many boxes I had. Oh’d I leave out I had a storage unit?  LOL I am working on giving away more things and it feels good to release. Okay, so I’m  minimalist in training …but can I please keep my books and photos? LOL
  1. I’m cranking away on the last edits of Volume 2 for Like a Fly on the Wall and having so much fun. Working draft_skwith my editor at HarperCollins is a blast. They had a marketing meeting about me the other day and I had to ask her, “Is this really happening?”   I’m very excited about my book’s release next Spring. Hold tight!

With all this excitement…it can be exhausting too. However, I take time for me daily and stay focused on my goals. ME TIME IS MANDATORY! But most of all, I feel blessed that I can’t wait to get up in the morning. Whenever I see people post on social media…I HATE MONDAYS or THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY memes on social media, it’s not always easy for me to relate. Who am I kidding, I CAN NOT RELATE. If you are living for the weekends, you aren’t living RIGHT NOW!


I had a conversation with a friend of mine who loves to write as well and she said it feels like playing and never feels like work. We laughed about how it’s like playing with dolls on paper. You are making your own universe. When I meet others doing what they love, it brings me so much joy, since you SHOULD BE DOING WHAT YOU LOVE.

When I meet others doing what they love, it brings me soooo much joy, since you SHOULD BE DOING WHAT YOU LOVE.

Are you doing what you love part-time or full-time yet?

What obstacles or excuses are in the way?

Maybe you don’t even know what your calling is and you’re a bit stuck?

Maybe you have SOOOO MANY ideas and talents, you have no clue where to being! Well, I’d love to help you out! That’s my specialty.

Let’s get you cracking on your NEW BEGINNING so you are no longer living for the weekend and you will be enjoying every bit of your NOW!

I’m offering a 30 min Power Coaching session from now until Aug 20th for only $75. We’ll hone in on your next steps and I’ll get you on the path. Call to book at 877-545-7352. Learn more about my coaching services here. My rates are increasing starting August 22, 2016.


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