Believe Envision Create 2016 (Event)

August 4, 2016
sunset_grOur Power Player Georgianna Rivera is hosting an amazing event!
Learn how it can help you alter the patterns of your past, for a more positive outcome.
Discover your unique awesome power and creativity
Envision and move in the direction of the life you truly want!
This is the conference and retreat for you!
Our line up of awesome, inspiring speakers and group panelists will assist you in achieving your greatest life.
Presented by Georgianna Rivera 
Leave your past behind—move in the direction of your dreams.
Believe Envision Create 2016 is a  2-day multiple speaker event with focused panels of expert speakers.
*Learn to identify what may be showing up in your life that is attached to the problems of the past.
*Learn how you can quickly release these blocks.
*Believe and be inspired to create changes in your life.
*Know that all things are possible for you.
*Believe you are not your past but what you choose to create for your future.
*Be inspired and learn the pattern for creating a new vision for your life.
*Explore the keys for developing your manifestation abilities.
Register Now for ONLY  $127.00 which includes Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Coffee, Tea and A Labyrinth experience with a Certified Labyrinth facilitator.
DATES: August 20 & 21 9am-5pm 
Located at the Duncan Conference Center: 15820 Military Trail, Delray Beach, Fl. 33484 
Watch video to learn even more:
if you’d like to be an affiliate and make commission off of each ticket, contact Georgianna here:

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