Give Power To Your Pen

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April 5, 2003

Writing doesn’t come easy for everyone and like any craft it takes practice to develop the skill of wooing an audience with your words. Not everyone is blessed with eloquence and wittiness, but you can find a writing style that works for you and mold it into one of your most valuable and affordable marketing…

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Who’s On Your Side?

February 5, 2003

Whether it’s a group of colleagues, a mentor, or a business consultant that you are paying; I feel it’s an excellent idea to round up some seasoned professionals that can offer you advice for your business’ needs. Whether you do it informally or set up actual board meetings with a team of advisers; there are…

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The Fear Factor

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January 10, 2003

I recently conducted a lil’ survey asking my colleagues what were their biggest fears when thinking about starting a business or running their business. The following are the top three fears that resulted from my survey and some ways to combat them.   1. Fear of Failure: But of course…the most obvious. Unfortunately, the reality…

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