Wanna Come On Tour With Me? See Who Is!

February 5, 2017

Come on a road trip with me as I promote my fourth book, Like a Fly on the Wall! (Extended Edition)

Get NATIONAL EXPOSURE at my book launch parties, book signings and networking events. Most importantly, gain WORLD-WIDE exposure via our videos, internet radio shows, and social media. Since going BEST SELLER on it’s first day on Amazon.com, LAFOTW has developed a cult following in only a year! HarperCollins took notice and signed me shortly after in January 2016.

The official book release of LIKE A FLY ON THE WALL is on sale July 11, 2017.

Your investment will make LAFOTW a National Best Seller by helping us reach the masses! We already achieved AMAZON BEST SELLER in 2 categories.  My next goal is  becoming a  New York Times best seller and much more!  Email me at simone@ownyourpower.biz to find out more. Or call 877-545-7352.  If your business is a good fit, we’ll take it to the next step. We’d love to have you on board as we travel to up to **12 CITIES THIS SUMMER AND FALL.**


I want to welcome all of our NEW sponsors who recently came on board! Visit their businesses and learn more about how they can make your life a little bit easier. You’ll be learning more about them as the months go on since their brands will be with me as I travel and promote my book!   We have a few spaces left, so get on board so you can join me!

Lunarain Botanicals – They focus on the divine feminine energy. Bring out the Goddess within!  Learn how to heal yourself with natural herbs, yoni eggs, yoni steams, essential oils and much more.  Sign up for her ezine and get started on your journey.


The Sisterhood Magazine –

Deepen your sisterhood experience. The Sisterhood is free, however, a subscription is required to have the online version delivered to your inbox each month. Take your experience of sisterhood to a new level by subscribing to this vibrant newsmag that has you as its focus. Join them today!


House of Merci- Need a little boost with your signature style? Does your closet need a make over? House of Merci can help you in person or via Skype with their amazing tips and strategies. Check them out!


CEO Mastery is a business growth firm that focuses on helping YOU the business owner make more sales and elevate your online visibility while developing your CEO leadership. Learn more…

Sky Consulting – Get a No Cost financial check-up when you mention Own Your Power.

-Retirement Planning
-College Planning

For more information contact Sky Maduro at:  954-465-9176


Sugar Honey And Spice.com- Spice up your life with sensual products and much more. Visit them today!


Pre-order your copy of LIKE A FLY ON THE WALL HERE!


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