Step Back and BREATHE by Sheila Hawkins

December 3, 2012

Sometimes we just need to take a step back and…well, we’ll let our featured writer, The “Do It Time” Diva – Sheila Hawkins tell you the rest.  Step Back and Breathe by Sheila Hawkins Women are wearing the usual crazy number of hats, life is moving at the speed of light and people are caught…

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The Benefits of Eating Kale

November 30, 2012

Kales is now a staple in my kitchen. I never really liked it before I started learning the benefits and also how to cook it up just right. There are loads of receipes online so start doing your research and learn about this green goodness that can boost your health! Top 10 Health Benefits of…

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The Secrets of Water by Linda Heywood

November 14, 2012

Water has been called the Elixir of Life, but why? Find out why Bella Online, a holistic health site, featured author Linda Heywood with more on the topic. Read on to learn some of the secrets of water.  The Secrets of Water by Linda Heywood The amount of Water that exists on the planet Earth has not changed…

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Releasing Resistance

October 22, 2012

Have you ever resisted something new without knowing why? You are not alone! Featured writer, Cynthia James challenges us to understand why we resist things and how to release that resistance. It’s worth a try, how can doors of opportunity open if we remain closed?   Releasing Resistance By Cynthia James  I took a lot of the…

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