• Thriving in your career, but your personal and social life barely exists?
  • Maybe you’ve been living your life for everyone else.
  • Maybe you forgot who you are, what your dreams were and need a gentle push and tools to help you do it?
  • Stressed out to the max from constantly putting out fires?
  • Juggling too much and not sure how to make sense of it all?

You’ve asked for more and I’m ready to give you what you want

every MONDAY night!

I’m now offering focused monthly support, accountability, inspiration, my insider secrets,

access to contacts and more… all in the comfort of your home!

The Circle of Power will expose you to more than you can imagine via phone, video, and our private social network. It's a Lifestyle and Business program built for the entrepreneur in mind!

If you feel like you are always on the go to the point you've forgotten your passion or NEVER even had a breather to sit back and realize your purpose: You belong in the Circle!

If you have no idea what "Me Time" is...You belong in the Circle!

Out saving the world, but who's saving you? Its time you finally take a stand for YOURSELF and do something for yourself without the guilt!

You Deserve to Have It All!

A life where you love what you do and DO WHAT YOU LOVE!
A fulfilling life with fun, adventure, laughter, and passion!
To be surrounded by a circle of powerful people who want what you want.
An increased level of personal productivity.

Awaken+Transform+ Heal= Own Your Power!

Dear friend,

In over 14 years of coaching and consulting, I've covered a lot of ground with my clients..from marketing to business basics to transformational life coaching. Many of them have come to me with the same reoccurring issues that they couldn’t fight before, that is …without the right tools, support and inner guidance that was right at their fingers tips waiting for them to just LISTEN.

Maybe you’re battling similar challenges at this very moment:

  • Could you feel just a tad bit jealous of others success and want some of the happiness, great relationships, health and rewards for yourself?
  • You feel stuck in a never-ending drama called your life, but you aren’t quite sure where to start or where to go for a complete turn-around.
  • Maybe you’re so paralyzed by fear, you’ve never take even the smallest steps in the direction to do something for NUMERO UNO.
  • Ready to build up your confidence to pursue your dreams?

Any of this resonating with you? Well, good!

My Story:

I started off my career in both the entertainment industry and industry running content-driven social network-based sites. Wow, I had a blast doing it.! I've had the six-figure salary jobs and I loved what I did to some extent, but I wasn't 100% happy. I realized I spent my waking hours working working working...and was forgetting about "Simone."There was something inside me fighting to get out, I knew there was more to my purpose, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I began to realize I had a knack for helping my friends start their businesses and stay focused. I also loved helping them figure out exactly what was the best direction for them to go in.

I started my first business on the side, but held it at bay and down-played what I was truly capable for five years, because of this unsettling fear that lived in me, because I was terrified to live the life I really wanted. Now, I shiver to think now about all of the money I left on the table because of fear. I turned away speaking engagements, business opportunities and much more because of my fears.

However, through years of coaching, listening deeply to my inner spirit, and cultivating my own circle of power I've been able to build a successful coaching practice to help people world-wide with not only their businesses, but in their personal lives. I've been able to help people ATTRACT exactly what they want and deserve. The lifestyle of where they are doing the work that they love because it comes effortless, without struggle like were taught how "work" is supposed to be.

I faced many of my fears and I've had miraculous breakthroughs, because I finally heard that whisper of my soul. Well, actually it was kind of SHOUTING AT ME..that I need to get off my butt and stop playing the scared little victim. I began to follow my gut (my intuition) and go with the flow of life. Once I began to OWN MY POWER, the right people, the right opportunities began to flow in, because I became well aware that they weren't just COINCIDENCES. I was open and ready to receive.

Many years ago, I never thought I was good at offering advice or coaching. I never believed I was good at public speaking. I never thought I would be a writer, host and executive produce my own radio show and podcast. I would have laughed in your face if you told me I would be featured on major Radio and TV Networks, host national retreats and conferences and more.

But now, I'm knee deep in my purpose and I know I'm still scratching the surface and I have way more work to do here! Doing what you love and living a happy and prosperous life is our birthright! Don't ever let anyone tell you different. Don't ever APOLOGIZE FOR YOUR GREATNESS!

"The experience I have encountered with Simone, was not only exhilarating but enlightening. My eyes have become open for positive change.

I have been on the Emmy award winning show "Starting Over" and was there for 12 weeks and was never able to understand why my life stayed the same or got worse. Just speaking with Simone for an HOUR, I feel I can NOW more forward and completely say with confidence that I am truly "Starting Over"! My life is finally heading in the right direction and on the right path. I am no longer on edge ...Saying that Simone is awesome is an understatement!! I will be calling her monthly to be sure I am doing what I am SUPPOSED to be doing in my life on earth!! Simone, thanks for sharing my tears, laughter and most importantly, my LIFE!!!!!!!"

Towanda Braxton-Carter, Atlanta, Georgia

"Simone will help you get the clarity you need to make decisions to move forward, and provide valuable insight that would have never been available otherwise! Believe me, Simone is your newest secret weapon!"

Monikah J. Ogando, The Business Success Coach, Atlanta, Georgia

"Coach Simone helps to keep us focused and moving forward, has great tips and inquiring questions to help move past any fears or challenges I'm facing.... I get to keep growing and learning more about myself, so that I can be inspiring to others!"

Rhonnye Morton, Portland, Oregon

Are you ready to come on this journey with my friends and I in the Circle of Power?

Well, roll up your sleeves with me, because we're going dig deep to uncover the REAL YOU who has been fighting to get out!

I wanted to create a course of longevity and consistency where you are surrounded by others who can support you on your goals. I've developed this universal model that speaks to those who really want tap into their power.

I've created this intimate forum, because you've asked for it! Past clients, members of the Own Your Power community, attendees of past conferences and retreats all wanted something they could follow month to month. Might I add...something that was affordable. Not everyone can afford my individualized coaching that will cost you thousands a year. So, I made something for everyone!

You can take stay in The Circle of Power for as long as you'd like, since each month you'll learn something new to apply to your personal and professional life.

During our calls, videos, and mp3s, I'll tell you everything I've learned, done, proven, and taught others about how to correctly use the Law of Attraction to consistently get the results you're looking for.

Maybe you are not new to the world of personal development, but you've read every book, seen every DVD and YouTube, but for some reason you're still not there.
If you're on the tippy top of success but you keep sliding back, I can help!

I'm not going to promise you over-night success, because you have to WORK for what you really want.

I give it to you straight and pull no punches.

But I promise you that it will be a powerful, transformational, and FUN experience.

I promise you that I will be with you every step of the way to guide you down the path so that you create OUTRAGEOUS results in all areas of your life!

I look forward to watching you summon the courage to break through your comfort zone by tackling things you've never done before!

Well, what are you waiting for? It's time your join me and others in the Circle of Power: your new friends, colleagues and family!

I dare you to be remarkable! I want you to discover your enormous individual power. If you're ready to listen to your inner voice and stay on the course.. .then I want YOU in my Power Circle.

Let's be real, you can have all of the talents in the world but, you won't get very far if no one else but, your Uncle Benny and little sister know about it!

It's ALL ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW. Joining the Circle of Power, you'll be able to connect and gain personal ACCESS to powerful and influential individuals who are partners, clients, and members of Own Your Power Communications.

I'm ready to share all of my secrets with you so that you can:
Awaken, Heal, Transform and

Own Your Power!

Your transformation is GUARANTEED, because well--it's expected!

Welcome to the family!


This is a results-based program.

Let my clients tell you about their experience ...

"After struggling in my business for three years and literally hitting walls all around, I decided to tap into what this young woman knows. I am glad I did! Simone is information, experience and resource personified. I only wish I had pulled this knowledge sooner, but nonetheless I am glad that she is now a coach and a resource to gleen from. I would readily and without hesitation recommend her as a coach."

E. Claudette Freeman, Miami, Florida

"She definitely put me in the right frame of mind. She gave me the confidence of making the right and positive moves in my life. The day I talked with Simone, NEW and REAL ME was born."

Kana Muramatsu, Tokyo, Japan

"Simone was simply AMAZING... I was in a place of confusion... and she gave me insight on my next steps in this journey called life. I believe that God talks through people and he gives certain people the gift to deliver a message and Simone is definitely one of his gifted people. She is fun, real .... and I will continue to call her for coaching to make sure I am on the right path! Thanks Simone!!!!"

Stacey Lee, Miss Michigan USA 2004

"I don't have words to truly express how grateful I am to have drawn Simone into my life... her uncanny vision and ability to communicate... is astounding!"

Kitab Rollins, Newark, NJ

So, what do you get when you join The Circle of Power?

  • Reconnect with your divine calling. Get crystal clear and identify what you really, really want and truly understand your sense of purpose.
  • Give procrastination of huge 1-2 punch in the face and send him on long trip out of your life!
  • Learn how to deal with distractions that take you away from your purpose.
  • Build up your connections circle is NOW your circle. Get access to people who can help you in your personal and professional life!
  • Learn how to Say No and finally hang up your CAPE. (Yes I'm talking to you Supermen and Superwomen!)
  • Release negativity and blame.
  • Attract new business, new career, and new opportunities and consciously begin carving out your blue print for success.
  • Learn my secrets of negotiation. Understand how to negotiate AMAZING barters so you won't have to pay cash for almost anything you need EVER again!
  • Learn how your reputation and your relationships are your WEALTH and how to capitalize on them.
  • Heightened creativity, intelligence and intuitive abilities.
  • Create feel good moments and set powerful intentions to become a GIANT MAGNET for everything you want!
  • Connect with your spirit through prayer/meditations.
  • Develop consistent GUILT FREE Me Time Rituals for yourself.
  • Increase your self-esteem and self love.
  • Increase your productivity by prioritizing, managing your time, and delegating.
  • Position yourself in the marketplace, so that you stand out.
  • Improve your leadership skills.
  • Develop systems for your life/business.
  • Using Social media to brand yourself and boost your connections.
  • Develop long-term partnerships not sponsors.
  • Put your dream team together of advisors, volunteers, interns, and commission-only staff!
  • GAIN SUPER CLARITY and laser focus!
  • And much much more.

In every session, we'll cover ready-to-use, powerful strategies, and systems you can use right away!

Like the sound of that? I thought you would!

All of this happens from the comfort of your own home, on our private tele-coaching line.


Payment Options

"For a long time I have been looking someone who could help me to understand myself and my own intuition better. Simone provided me with tools to solve issues in my relationships and how to strengthen myself ... Simone is sensitive, caring, and has an amazing gift that she shares unselfishly with the world. Our sessions have truly changed my life and allowed me to take control of my life, relationships, and spiritual journey. Thank you Simone!!!"

Marcy, NYC

"Meeting with Simone was one of the smartest decisions that I have ever made. Simply put Simone is Da Truth! Talking with her was like catching up with an old friend, it was almost as if she'd known me for my entire life!

Her coaching provided me with advice on everything from how to fulfill my destiny... It enabled me to realize part of what it is I must do in order to truly fulfill my life calling... her advice provided me with the type of clarity and understanding I needed. Overall, our sessions allow me to realize that my hopes, dreams, and goals of success truly are attainable."

Karma Allen, New Jersey

"She was also able to help me craft a practical plan to move forward in my career. I am results oriented person, and in most cases traditional sessions give you a lot of vague information and very little direction. The pairing of her intuitiveness and her coaching skills is a wonderful combination to inspire and motivate her clients.

She is very warm and down to earth, which completed the experience. I was very pleased - I recommended this to anyone who is looking for concrete and supportive ways to move forward in their lives."

Dr. Tiffany Brown, New Jersey

"With her help, and positive guidance (which Simone gives freely and happily) I know I will be better off in my life. I already feel so empowered by the information provided to me. I learned things about myself I am so profoundly grateful to Simone. She opened a doorway for me to a realm of my life I never knew existed. What I do with this information is now up to me. But I know this much, I plan on making the most of my life while I'm here. Thanks Simone, and I can't wait until our next session!"

Blessings, love and light.

Erica, New Jersey

"I gained some very useful insight on some areas in my life that have been holding me back and a push toward some things I need to work on and have more faith in! I can hardly wait until my next session!"

Jaz Owens, Burbank, CA

"I enjoyed my first session with Simone in December shortly before Christmas. What a gift she gave to me! Clarity and insight are priceless gifts and Simone placed me on the path to better receive them. Simone is gifted, allow her gift to enhance the quality of your life."

Ny, Brooklyn, NY

What's Included:

  • Every Monday at 9pm* EST, 1 monthly one-hour coaching session with me. All calls will be recorded and accessible to members only! On this monthly call, you can ask questions, bounce ideas off of the group, share successes and more!
  • MP3s focused on the month's core focus and Own Your Power Principle with action steps to implement durning the month.
  • A downloadable monthly practical guide to assist with implementation of what you've learned.
  • Unlimited email access to me.
  • Private online access to other Circle of Power members in our community. Connect with your peers and experts who want success for you!
  • *A FREE Listing in our Resource Directory which will be showcases on various members and partners sites to gain you exposure! ($39 VALUE) (*After three months in the group)
  • *BASIC MEMBERS are only the 1st Monday's of the month!

But that's not all...



I always say YOUR LIST IS GOLD. I don't share my contacts with just anyone, but as a member of The Circle of Power, you'll have access to my top contacts for various areas in your life.

I'll share with you my personal Rolodex of contacts, giving you inside referrals to the people, vendors, tools, and resources that DO work, and can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars a year (and make you lots of money, too)!


VIDEO Training

From time to time, I'll include video training where I'll dig a little deeper into an area we discussed. I'll answers some of your questions that you emailed or posted in our community during the month.



Periodically, I'll bring in special guest experts. These are entrepreneurs who have already walked the path you're on and have created amazing successes selling what they know instead of their time! Each expert is hand-picked by me as someone who has achieved remarkable success. These are the people you want to learn from. Some are my own personal mentors and advisors who will offer their expertise in areas of business, financial abundance, and personal development.



Each monthly we'll send mp3s featuring the month's theme with tips, exercises, and more to reinforce what you've learned. You'll be able to listen to it in the car, at work, and home!

This is a powerful program designed to bring positive shifts in the quality of your life.

Isn't it time you claim the lifestyle you TRULY deserve?

So, are you ready to take YOUR life and business to the next level? Join us today and become an unstoppable force of attraction!




Holistic Business Coach and CEO of Own Your Power Communications

Certified Master Life Coach of Law of Attraction (AADP Accredited)

Certified Holistic Practitioner (AADP Accredited)

Certified Small Business Camp Coach

Reiki Master Teacher

P.S. Remember, this is totally at MY risk. If you are not thrilled about the Simone Kelly Circle of Power, you can ask to drop out at ANY time. But you need to reserve your spot now!

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