Delays Can Blessings in Disguise by Coach Simone Kelly

April 22, 2014
Delays Can Blessings in Disguise by Coach Simone Kelly

Take a step back, get clear on what you desire,  but don’t forget to be grateful for the things we might think are obstacles….the delays. Oh yes, the waiting game that we can’t stand playing! Grrrrrrr!

Those little ‘boulders’ on the path of life are just minor obstacles that cause us to slow down and teach us patience. These delays that we dread can save us from rushing into something without thinking it through. Or that pesky boulder in the ‘way’ can unveil our other options that were 120% better. It’s almost like magic when you we realize there is another path to take. You know…that back road covered with bushes that we didn’t even notice before?

When you take precious moments in your day to reconnect with your soul you will get the messages you need to manifest magic in your life and choose the right way. Trying journaling, prayer, meditation, breathwork for starters. Your intuition will not steer you wrong. Listen to the guidance that you receive and most importantly have fun on the journey manifesting what you desire!

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