Embrace, Heal, Cherish Your Womb with this Power Player!

August 31, 2016

imaraLadies, how well do you care for your womb? I know it seems like an odd question. However, it’s important  – don’t you think? Womb Wellness Coach Imara will  show you how to revitalize your protector of life. One of the most precious gifts given to woman can sometimes experience affliction, pain, and trauma throughout the years.

Follow her and learn about her business EarthPalate and let her guide you on the journey to healing. She is offering a special offer to our followers a free 30-minute session consultation and assessment. Hurry… because this won’t last long!

READ Imara’s interview with us to learn more. MAKE SURE YOU TELL HER OWN YOUR POWER SENT YOU!

Jenay Paulling, Power Player Project Manager

Own Your Power Communications

What’s your business about?

We make all-natural, mostly organic and essential oil based skin care products including bug repellents, body butters, natural perfumes, salves, herbal blends for yoni steams, infused oils and creams.

We promote womb wellness through the promotion of a womb wellness centered lifestyle. We also focus on healing the womb from trauma, stress and dis-ease with the tools of yoni steams, plant-based food consumption, healthy womb movement, womb self massage, and other essential tools. These tool facilitate the release and encourage a healthy flow to the womb center. (In-Her Alchemy Womb Wellness in the name of our private group on Facebook where we promote many of our events.)

What are some of your top selling products AND services?

Bugout! All Natural Bug Repellent

Luscious Lemongrass Body Butters

Tropical Sun Body Butters

Yoni steam sachets (variety)

In-her Alchemy: Consultations and packages such as

Womb Well Packages for lifestyle makeover and coaching

Workshops on yoni steaming, plant-based living (including food, herbs, aromatherapy)

Private sessions of Womb well stretch n move, yoni steaming, castor oil and clay packs with aromatherapy

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Do you have any special offers for the OYP audience we can promote to increase your business?

I am offering a COMPLIMENTARY 20 minute consultation and assessment of women’s lifestyles and to begin to redesign it as a more womb well one.  I look forward to working with you all!




Twitter: earthpalate

FB Fan Page: Earthpalate

Instagram: earthpalate


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