Excellence Vs Perfection (The Vivi and Mernela Show)

December 24, 2013
Excellence Vs Perfection (The Vivi and Mernela Show)

Topic: Excellence vs Perfectionism
How Perfectionism Can Hold You Back

Strive for excellence…because no one is perfect.

Ever notice when you try to be perfect…some things never get done?
In this show, we’ll cover how to work towards excellence while honoring your imperfections. Learning how to ask for help where your lacking and much more!

Join us in the discussion…

Hosted by Viviana Vethencourt and Mernela Añez

Guest: Gabriela Casanas. Marriage and Family Therapist, Coach.

We´ll learn about:
How are Excellence and Perfection different?
Does perfection exists?
How can perfection can hold you back?
How going for excellence instead of perfection will help you succeed?
How can we as parents, educators, coaches, etc. teach children and adolescents to look for excellence but avoid perfectionism?

On this show, you will be empowered by Empowerment Coach, Vivi Vethencourt AND Executive Coach, Mernela Anez! They discuss topics such as Life Balance, Personal Development, Success, Health, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and more!

Every Tuesday at 8pm!

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