Featured Power Player- Brei Carter of Brei Cosmetics

August 2, 2017

I’ve been so blessed to have Brei Cosmetics come on board as a book tour sponsor for my novel, Like a Fly on the Wall. If you come to any of the events, you may get make up samples and even get to meet one of the team. I love their products and variety of colors.  They are a perfect fit for the Own Your Power Family. Learn more about the creator behind this women-owned brand!  Meet Brei Carter…

Describe your business and what made you launch it?

Growing up I’ve always been involved in beauty. Starting as a little girl playing in my mom’s make up, as she was a model when I was a toddler. Also I was in pageants, modeling, cheering and homecoming court. It was always about beauty. Not just outer beauty, but inner as well.

I have always said that one day I would have my own make up line. The goal was to have make up that would cross the spectrum of all women and all colors.

What was your biggest fear behind launching your business and how you overcame it and OWNED YOUR POWER?

There really wasn’t any fear in launching, I think the biggest issue has been just finding enough time to take it to the level that I know it can go to. I finally took a year off  from the corporate world and decided to put the time and energy into the product so that it can one day be a household name.

It’s about being dedicated and not afraid of hard work. Realizing that sometimes you might be pushed back two steps, but persistence and dedication will take you three steps farther than where you were before. It’s a process and I take things one day at a time.

What are some of your favorite success stories from the past or current clients? 

Having someone send me a thank you that had really never worn make up before and has started using Brei Cosmetics and has found the real woman in her. Her husband loves the new her, it’s added a little more spice into their life and gave her just a little color and light to enhance her natural beauty. Brei Cosmetics is for the modern woman and it allows all women to create the beauty they want and see for themselves.


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