Free CoWorking Space at the Broward County Library

April 16, 2018

If you know me, I’m in love with the library. I’ve written the majority of my novels in libraries and I want to share with you some amazing services that are available to you. I recently met  Robert Anstett aka Bob from the Future (his own nickname he made up that I absolutely love),  who runs the Creation Station at the Main Library.

Simone Kelly and Bob Anstett

They have everything from free workshops, arts and crafts,  design programs, 3D printers, Virtual Reality stations, a studio for teens only and more. What I just learned about was their FREE CO-WORKING SPACE! Check out this video to see the tour his team took me on.

Please share this resource with others and stay tuned for many other events  that Own Your Power will be hosting with various branches of the library in Broward County.


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