Goddess Gathering Coming up in Hollywood, Fl (Sept. 11)

September 7, 2016

This Sunday on Sept 11th  is the first ever Goddess Gathering at one of my home away from homes…Cultural Expressions. It’s hosted by two dear friends -Melissa “Moonchild” Stokes as well as the founder of Cultural Expressions, my dance teacher – Njeri Sofiyah.

About the event:

MEN: Please tell the women you care about to attend or log on for free livestream of class on womb wellness and healing @ 5:45PM 9/11/16
http://lunarainbotanicals.com/goddess-gatherings.html …thank you we love you…

September 11, 2016 4-7pm
Cultural Expressions
401 S. 21st Ave, Hollywood, FL 33020


We will adorn ourselves as queens and learn belly dancing movements to stimulate womb health. Then, while feasting on healthy comfort food, we will learn about the ancient technique of yoni steaming: an elegant, effective practice for womb wellness. Space is limited, dear sistars, get your tix now!

Tix $22 online / $30 at the door. REGISTER NOW TO SAVE!


Message from your Instructor:

Melissa MoonChild. I am an artist/healer/spiritual advisor, and the creator of LunaRainBotanicals.com.
I am born into a long line of medicine women and I have had the wonderful experience of growing up in remote parts of Africa and Asia
and so, I have been a student of the beauty and health traditions of phenomenal women worldwide and throughout the ages.  The most important thing I’ve learned is that beauty and health are actually a light that shines from the inside out, a flower blooming from a seed of self-love.
Self-love is the necessary component for fulfillment in any area of life.
Here’s a trick for mental alchemy:  Wear a special bracelet, preferably with some natural crystals programmed with energies to remind you to be easy and laugh with yourself (you program your bracelets with pure intention of mind and natural elements of earth).  Each time you have a negative/judgmental/punishing thought about anyone, especially yourself, switch the bracelet to the other hand.  This is your private exercise to be aware of and uplift the energy you hold for yourself and therefore others.  It may take months to go a day without switching your bracelet.  This work will have a subliminal effect on all you interact with…and the effect will last.

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