Hot Topics on Own Your Power Radio -January 2018

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January 1, 2018

Happy New Year family!
2017 was a great year for Own Your Power and now we’re gearing up for new shows in 2018. Can you believe it’s our fifth year of shows? Check out some of the hot topics we have now and make sure you FOLLOW us on FB  and Soundcloud  so you can get the alerts when new shows are added!

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Winter Rituals For Healing (Yes Baby I Like It Raw Show) 
Need to release last years stress and toxic energy? Or maybe you want to just set clear intentions for this new year ahead. Try some of these Winter Rituals to take your “Me Time” up a notch. Nzingha from shares some of her favorites! Self care will change your life. Make time for it!

Know When to Let Go (The Pleasure Map)
In the KNOW WHEN TO LET GO show we’ll discuss:
– How do you know it has gone bad for good?
– What did you learn about yourself?
-What were your first clues that it wasn’t going to work? Why did you ignore the clues?
– At what point do you decide enough is already too much?
– Can we end it happily?
– Moving on, the recovery and building a new life apart

Finding Your Life Purpose (Free Your Mind Show)

What about Protein? (The Red Pill)
Do we really need to eat animals? Learn about going vegan!

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