Introducing the Own Your Power Award!

March 21, 2014
Introducing the Own Your Power Award!

The Own Your Power Award on OYP Radio Network!

Every Wednesday during the Own Your Power Lifestyle Show at 8pm-9:30pm we will announce the winner of the Own Your Power Award.


Who Should be Nominated?

There is someone in your community that is doing something for themselves or for others and it’s time we recognize them. This is someone who is a shining example of one who is OWNING THEIR POWER! They take the bull by the horns and go after what they want in life and they inspire others to do the same!

How can I nominate anyone?

Yes! Just email us at  You must be FAN of the show on

Let us know in 100 words or less why this person that you nominate should win.

How can I qualify?

You can ask your friends and family to nominate you.

What do judges look for?

The Own Your Power team will pick winners based on how..

-Someone defies the odds and shows that anything they want is attainable!

-They encourage and support the dreams of others.

-They show an example of someone who is owning their power.


What are prizes?: They vary week to week based on our sponsors, but it  could be a gift card from Macys, an autographed book, Restaurant coupons, Make-Over at a Salon, Spa Day, or  even a business consultation.


How do I donate a prize to promote my business?

Contact us at or call 877-545-7352


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