Can You Help Me Get To Best Seller Status?

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November 4, 2015

Want to Learn How to Win an Intuitive Coaching Session or Amazon Gift Card? Read on….


Hey there!

I need a quick favor and to encourage you to say yes, I thought I’d throw in a few gifts to soften you up a bit. lol


My dear friend – Celebrity Intuitive Counselor, Tony Leroy was kind enough to offer up a 60 min. complimentary session to a winner ($250 value) (In case you don’t know…he’s the MAN! He’s been FEATURED ON DR. OZ, NY Times, Elle, and much more… He was also one of the many intuitive I interviewed for the book.)


I’m also going to offer a 60 min. Intuitive and life coaching combo session at $150 value

And the last prize is a $50 gift certificate to Amazon.

Yes, that’s over $450 worth of prizes and three people reading this are going to win. You actually have 3 chances! Will it be you?

Here’s the deal…

In order for my book, Like a Fly on the Wall to become a best seller on Amazon, I have to have real sales and real testimonials posted on the Amazon website. What’s surprising is that it doesn’t take a million orders to become a best seller! I’m hoping if just 50 people buy my book at just $7.77, I will make it to the best seller’s list on November 5! Will you please help me?

What’s a better way to motivate you to help me then to create a nice lil’ ethical bribe so you and a few other readers will buy my book and then just write a nice testimonial? (And if you really love it, please rate it 5 stars!)

I don’t know if only five people will do this favor for me or 100, but the odds of you winning are better than the lottery! Maybe 3 out of 50…that’s great odds!

Next Monday, I’m going to take all of the testimonials directly from the Amazon book page. Then, I’m going to cut them up (like a raffle ticket) and put them in a bowl and we’ll have someone choose the winners. I’ll even video tape the entire thing so you can see we chose randomly. (Very important: log in when you post so we know who you are)

Oh, don’t worry if you don’t win…you still get a juicy, suspenseful thriller which is loads of fun. After this promotion, I’m raising the price back to retail price of $ jump on this today.

I know I’m being very greedy asking you to spend $7.77. But here is the logic behind my request…

Book buyers are given more credibility than non-buyers. If you write a testimonial on a book that you don’t own, Amazon doesn’t think it’s very credible. But if you actually buy it with your Amazon account, they think it’s highly, highly credible and place your testimonial higher on the page. This helps new people discover the excitement that Like a Fly on the Wall can bring.

So, if you’re willing help me become a Best Seller and possibly be a WINNER…please go here and use this link:

I’m extremely grateful for all of the amazing support and love I’ve been receiving about this book. As you know, writing is a labor of love at times and if feels good to finally have this ‘baby’ of mine out there. Thanks again for helping me!

Own your power,

Coach Simone Kelly

Contest Rules:

  • Buy a copy of the book (if you get on Thursday Nov. 5 it’s only $7.77 – it will go up to $15 value by Saturday!)
  • Leave a testimonial
  • Must have an Amazon account. If you leave testimonial and we don’t see your name, we can’t call it!
  • Drawing is on Monday, November 9, 2015
  • Bonus…would love for you to like the fan page on FB:


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