Like a Fly on the Wall – A Novel of Suspense *on-sale* 7-11-17

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June 22, 2017


Early Praise for LIKE A FLY ON THE WALL

“With a main character who is an “intuitive counselor,” the mystery is as much a spiritual journey as it is a character study. Or more precisely, it’s a study of quirky characters. This has the makings of a highly entertaining series and, hopefully, we’ll see more of the Like a Fly On the Wall Detective Agency. The cases covered in this entry involve only the principal cast introduced here. The potential once they take on clients promises to be entertaining.”

—RT Book Review

On July 11th William Morrow is pleased to release LIKE A FLY ON THE WALL (William Morrow Trade Paperback Original; ISBN: 978-0062566454), the much anticipated debut novel from intuitive life coach and now author, Simone Kelly. A suspenseful and sensual novel filled with intrigue, sex, and twists, it will be the perfect read on those hot summer nights!

Meet Jacques Berradi. Moroccan-born and Manhattan-raised, his genuine, sexy-smooth allure goes hand in hand with a unique gift. Since Jacques was young, he has had the ability to read peoples’ energies, communicate with spirit guides, and even catch glimpses of people’s futures. Now a professional “intuitive counselor,” Jacques’s clients pay him handsomely for his insight. Unfortunately, Jacques’s psychic abilities don’t come with an off switch to tune out the world’s noise, nor do they always provide him with easy answers; recently Jacques has begun having dark, alarming dreams about his beloved father, a Moroccan immigrant who died when he was a boy.

Meet Kylie Collins, an adventurous, Miami twentysomething who is trying to find her footing after being laid off from a cushy music industry job. When a mishap brings them together, Kylie is instantly mesmerized by Jacques’s cool demeanor and intuitive abilities, and he’s captivated by her outgoing charm and breezy good looks. Seeking to learn more about her family history—including the identity of the father she’s never known—Kylie visits Jacques’s office to gain some insight about her future, and about her free-spirited and headstrong Jamaican mother, True.

But on the night that they meet, a rolling blackout cuts off power throughout Miami. Kylie and Jacques, and a few of his clients, head to the only place in the neighborhood with enough light to see: Like a Fly on the Wall Detective Agency. There, Kylie serendipitously lands herself the perfect new job as an apprentice private eye.

As partners, Jacques and Kylie are an unstoppable duo. Can Jacques’s intuition reveal the scandalous history of Kylie’s mother and father? Will Kylie’s newfound detective skills uncover evidence about the death of Jacques’s father? And will the chemistry that charges their friendship bubble over into something much, much hotter…?



 Book Tour: Simone plans on going on her book tour visiting up to 10 cities for the Summer and early Fall.  See schedule of events here.

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About the Author:

Born and raised in the Bronx, Simone Kelly is an author, internet radio host and producer, life coach, and promotional entrepreneur. She successfully climbed the ladder in corporate America by holding various positions in the marketing divisions of companies such as RCA Records and BMG Entertainment. Her career led her to become a Director at HBO’s, where she managed their lifestyle and community programming. Eager to be a full-time entrepreneur, Simone decided to branch out of the comfort zone of Corporate America and onto a journey of coaching others. She is now the CEO of Own Your Power, a company that coaches small business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives looking to boost their networks and skill sets. She lives and works in the Miami area, with frequent return trips to visit clients in her hometown of New York City.

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Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @ownyourpower

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A Novel

by Simone Kelly

William Morrow Trade Paperback Original

On Sale: July 11, 2017

Paperback ISBN: 9780062566454, $15.99

E-book ISBN: 9780062566461, $13.99


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